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City Sprints, May Term 2005

BPBC 1st women's VIII (CRA S3 VIII)

Coxed by: Lizzie Grose

Lost to Champs by 1/2 length
The omens were not good. We boated during heavy rain, pushed off in increasingly aggressive hail, and Lizzie's call for 2 and 4 to take a stroke was accompanied by forked lightning and an almighty rumble above our heads.

City issued instructions to all crews on the water to get the hell off it, which we did (with a particularly fine display of backing it down). About 2 minutes later we had glorious sunshine and had another attempt.
We had a pretty good row despite the fact that some of us (ahem) were beginning to feel the effects of lack of regular training, but the fairly stacked champs crew managed to pull away. (jo)

1. Just behind coming i...
2. Approaching the boat...
3. Backing it down in t...

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