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Bedford Star Regatta, May Term 2005

Light and Dark Trinity (WS3 4+)

Coxed by: Charlie Allen

Semi finals
Beat Maidstone Invicta (easily)
Time: 2:05
After having changed our race time at the last minute due to rubbish Sunday bus services and 'planned engineering works' on the trains, we arrived in Bedford, and after a bit of searching found Charlie and our trailer. Getting the boat off the top rack of the trailer proved to be a bit of a challenge, but we eventually managed, and got ourselves to the start line with a boat, a cox and four rowers, which was really quite an achievement. All we had to do now was row.

Unfortunately rowing seemed a little beyond our capabilities, and we spacked, muppeted and spannered ourselves shamefully along the course. Fortunately, Maidstone Invicta proved even slower than we were, so we made it through to the final. (Amelia)
Beat Bedford Star (15s)
Time: 2:06
During our long break between races we occupied ourselves with eating cakes, eating jaffa cakes, eating biscuits, eating bacon rolls and sausages, watching people almost crashing and almost falling in, gaining entrance to the Bedford High changing rooms and promptly being chucked out again, ogling the pretty blue pots and best of all, buying rigger jiggers from Tim Foster's mum!

We also had time to reflect on our shocking semi final performance and to decide that perhaps rowing better in the final might be a good plan; Bedford Star looked a bit more invincible than Maidstone had, and seemed to actually put their blades in.

Luckily we managed a much much better row and stormed into the finish with a win by fifteen seconds. Pots!

Looking at the official results, it seems that we were only three seconds off the winning pace for both the men's S4 and S3 4+ events!! (Amelia)

1. Driving away from th...
2. And we seem to be ro...
3. Push PAST the pin..

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