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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2005

1st women's IV (1st division)

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Winners of women's IV+; 1st of 4 crews
Time: 10:36
Wow - we had an awesome row! :) The whole race was well controlled with good rhythm and loads of power going down. We ground the Clare boat down over the course, finally overtaking them just before the finish, and beating their time by nearly a minute. It was a great race. :) (Amelia)
As Iain would have put it: effortless. It felt like we could have gone for another 2k... until we crossed the finish line.

Thanks for Dami et al for seeing this through ;) and beating Fitz!

Nice to see we were the '12th fastest 1st VIII' (Pia)

1. The mighty first IV

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