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Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2005

BPBC 1st men's VIII (Senior2 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Raf Carbonell

Time: 20:30.18
Rarely can the Head have been run in such gentle conditions - weather wise it was near perfect, although the lack of rain in the week before the race meant there was not much stream for the back half of the field. With this in mind we deviated from the standard line a bit to cut the corners rather than stay out for a non-existant advantage.
After rigging in double quick time, a good pre-race technical paddle was followed by the opportunity to avoid spending ages waiting in the boat as we instead rested at Quintin BC and slotted in at the appropriate place.
We set off with an agressive start and overtook by the Ye White Hart and again at the Bandstand. There'd been a slight dip after Barnes Bridge as the adrenaline wore off but we had recovered and lifted well into Chiswick Eyot. I think in hindsight that after the Eyot is where we started to struggle a bit, although we pushed well into Hammersmith Bridge and equally well out of it bouyed by the support.
After Harrods we had some naff water and this combined with our tiredness meant we began to lose our rhythm. Around this point I personally started really struggling to hear Raf although I think it was more an issue of hearing but not being able to comprehend as everything hurt too much. We overtook another crew. Thankfully the Mile Post came very quickly and we did a great lift at the football ground and then again at Beverley Brook. This brought us almost alongside Bristol Ariel who had started 3 places in front and it was a simple sprint to the line in which we just pipped them. Ariel, unbeknownst to most in the BP crew, had Simon Knight (matric 1998) onboard.
After that our position is slightly disappointing.
Thanks to Furnival for helping us boat from their raft, Quintin for letting us re-boat from their beach, Cantabs for hiring us trailer space and First & Third for hiring us Black Prince I. And credit to Simon K for wearing BP socks in the Bristol crew! (Simon)
Take a look at the pictures of us racing here

I know Simon may be reaching further than others, but looking at the loom angle relative to 3 and 7, and where the spoon is, doesn't it look like his blade is about 1ft shorter than everyone else's? (Dan)

1. Lack of cover probab...
2. Poised at the catch
3. Returning after the ...

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