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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2005

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Will Thorne

Got on - whooo!
Time: 8:24
I didn't arrive in time for the start, but from Ditton onwards this looked like a great row; really powerful, tidy and together. They looked considerably better and faster than any of the other crews I saw whilst cycling up to meet them, which bodes well for both getting-on and for next week!

Thanks to the crew for putting up with my spacky bow-side-and-wearing-jeans row back to the boathouse, it was very entertaining for me, perhaps not so much for them! :) (Amelia)
Yippee!!! We did it :-)
This was a really strong and powerful row and we went fast! I'm definitely looking forward to doing bumps next week in this crew :) (Little Jenners)
This felt like a very solid row, with the added incentive of lousy weather looming, a 3pm time constraint and Amelia, who appeared out of nowhere! Many thanks to a great bow sub Aileen, and surprise sub-sub Amelia. Provided I'm not speaking to soon, next week should be fun...! (Mika)
:) we rowed so beautifully, and i think we felt really strong as a crew. a special thank you to our subs and to amelia for turning up to bank party just when i thought i wouldnt be able to row any more! can't wait to row the bumps with you all... (Clair)

1. Nearing the finish
2. Still going strong d...

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