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Lent Term 2005

2nd women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (Women's Lents 3), Women's VIII 'B'

Winners of Women's Lents 3, 56th overall, 2nd of 3 Cam college 2nd VIIIs
Time: 23:42.9
I was very pleased with this result. It goes to show that our 2nd, 3rd and potential 4th VIIIs should have no trouble Getting On, and should cause havoc in L3 in bumps. Very well done to all, sorry to everyone who couldn't race due to the unexpected hugeness of our squad... Look forward to the Newnham Head/ Head of the Nene!

p.s. I rather like senior coxing... especially if it involves penants! (Pia)
Not a bad result considering this was the first race of term, and we were racing in scratch crews.

The first leg was ok, a bit spacky and not wonderfully together, but we made it well enough around the corners and with some encouragement from Pia eventually cruised through the finish at a reasonable pace. In the second leg, we were hoping to overtake City, who we'd caught up on a lot during our first piece. However, we hadn't accounted for Homerton being quite so slow, and City fairly quickly overtook them. Rounding Ditton, a quick men's IV behind us threatened to overtake, but we managed to hold them off with some good powerful rowing until just before the railway bridge. Our increase in speed brought us within a length of Homerton, and with some rather spackier but nevertheless determined pushes we finally got past them at about Morley's Holt (I'm never really quite sure where that is). With the end in sight, Pia spurred us on one last time, and we upped the rate to come home in style (ish). A convincing Lents 3 victory was ours.

Thanks to Pia for not crashing, to Charlie for his first rate coaching and support on the bank, to Iain, and especially well done to those in the crew who won pennants in their senior racing debut - ra ra First and Third B! (Amelia)
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Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs)

Time: 11:24
well, what can I say. You beat the guys!

I am sure not many 2nd/3rd VIII composites sported a 1st Men's VIII rower in their cox's seat. Thanks for coxing, Tom.

Let's hope that in Pembroke Regatta, we manage to have our proper crews with everyone racing on their specific sides...

xx (Pia)

1. Tom
2. Rowing into the Gut
3. Rowing into the Gut

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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

1st round
Lost by about 2-3(?) lengths to Jesus II
To have so narrowly lost to the top W2 VIII is no shame... well done ladies! xx (Pia)
Our fast if somewhat untidy start took several seats off Jesus early on. They settled into a stronger race rhythm though and slowly rowed through us. However, there was plenty of power and committment from everyone, which bodes well for the GoR and (hopefully!) bumps :) (Little Jenners)

1. Approaching the bridge.
2. "One, two, thre...
3. Holding off Jesus......

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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

Got on - whooo!
Time: 8:24
I didn't arrive in time for the start, but from Ditton onwards this looked like a great row; really powerful, tidy and together. They looked considerably better and faster than any of the other crews I saw whilst cycling up to meet them, which bodes well for both getting-on and for next week!

Thanks to the crew for putting up with my spacky bow-side-and-wearing-jeans row back to the boathouse, it was very entertaining for me, perhaps not so much for them! :) (Amelia)
Yippee!!! We did it :-)
This was a really strong and powerful row and we went fast! I'm definitely looking forward to doing bumps next week in this crew :) (Little Jenners)
This felt like a very solid row, with the added incentive of lousy weather looming, a 3pm time constraint and Amelia, who appeared out of nowhere! Many thanks to a great bow sub Aileen, and surprise sub-sub Amelia. Provided I'm not speaking to soon, next week should be fun...! (Mika)
:) we rowed so beautifully, and i think we felt really strong as a crew. a special thank you to our subs and to amelia for turning up to bank party just when i thought i wouldnt be able to row any more! can't wait to row the bumps with you all... (Clair)

1. Nearing the finish
2. Still going strong d...

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Lent Bumps

Rowed over
Ah... bummer, if I may say so!!

The crew looked dead set for a nice easy bump the like of which F&T II Ladies have recently become famous for delivering.- Down to a length on Jesus III off the (fast) start, closed to 3/4 soon after... and then... disaster struck. To be more precise, crab struck No 2 and quite badly so. With the blade stuck parallel to the boat and the crew not used to such blemishes on their rowing as crabbing, it took a good 30 strokes to row all eight again, during which time Jesus dropped us to 2 lengths and Pembroke III (chasing) didn't really go anywhere.

The crew restarted well and slowly ground down on Jesus. They were back on station just outside First Post and at a length at Grassy. Unfortunately the astounding shortness of the course came to Jesus' aid in the end and a deserved bump to be postponed until tomorrow...

xx (Pia)
It's a pity we didn't manage to quite get this back together after the crab and bump Jesus.
Also unfortunate that the course is so unbelievably short! (Little Jenners)
Rowed over
Despite heavy tailwinds, we set off with a strong start. Things felt generally neater than yesterday, and we were within a length of Jesus as we passed under the motorway bridge. Within 10 strokes of emerging on the other side, however, we were forced to hold it up because Clare (2 ahead) had caught a bad crab and ground to a halt. They handed Jesus the bump on a silver plate, and we were given a technical row-over to show for it.

Very frustrating, but so go bumps. At least the 10 seconds we did row felt solid.

Friday we chase Clare, who will surely be motivated to get Jesus after today's debacle. (Mika)
The girls had a great start, and were closing on jesus very convincingly when Clare caught their spectucular overhead. Despite the fact that Clare appeared to be moving backwards, Jesus took a while to get them and by that time we FaT were too close to steer round and go for the overbump.

Bumps: They just aint fair. (jo)
This (for the short time it lasted) was a good solid row. We kept it controlled off the start, strode well and were reeling in Jesus, when Clare II caught a boat stopping crab. A few strokes later and we were holding it up ~3/4 length down and were given a technical rowover.
Sometimes bumps racing just isn't fair.
Let's make sure we row as confidently on Friday and see what happens. (Little Jenners)
Rowed over
A gutsy and committed row sadly went unrewarded and continues a frustrating week for the second women.

Clare II, ahead, are a fast boat when they're going well; our crew's best efforts could close them only to a length along Plough reach. This was doubly frustrating because Clare effectively sat as a buffer between us and the slow Jesus III. Furthermore they failed to send Jesus back down for us to have another crack at them on Saturday. Clare were bumped by Jesus on Wednesday only after a crab shocker and, despite closing to overlap twice on First Post reach, allowed Jesus to escape (and even go on to bump) after more mishaps at bow at the crucial moments (the poor girl - what a miserable week!).

It is high time for some good luck; we are quicker than the half-dozen crews ahead and have been prescribed an unusually heavy dose of bumps bad luck so far. Here's hoping for Saturday's race. (Martin)
Rowed over
Another very good row, another rowover. As expected, the crews ahead bumped out. Slightly unexpectedly, three of them went at once, merrily blocking the river as they did so. Fortunately they managed to just about clear in time, and some careful coxing by Richard got us through the gap, the girls did a good push to pick up speed again, and completed the row to ditton.

Well done girls, I hope to see you all in the Mays, getting some well deserved bumps :-) (jo)
Today was definitely our best row. Not only was there strong desire to do well before we began, but we kept the strength on pretty well the whole way through.

As we rounded the first corner, we saw Clare, Tit Hall AND Jesus pulled over together, crushing our hopes of an overbump (haha). But the strength never dropped (certainly not like yesterday!) and we pushed it all the way home. Newnham might've wanted us, but never got close. A satisfying row to end a rather uninteresting and somewhat frustrating week.

Thanks to our various bank party contingent, to Iain for his calls and advice throughout the week, to Ruth for her coaching and especially Amy for her support and last-minute subbing!

...and hey, at least we got to have a snowball fight, right? (Mika)
Well done girls, the bumps charts really dont do you justice!! It's very unfortunate how events unfolded this week, but sticking out four frustrating row-overs like you did will do you no ends of good for Mays...

I'm impressed with how technically well you are all rowing, this being thanks to Iain's and Ruth's excellent coaching and your doing pretty much the same amount of training as some college's 1st VIIIs. If we add some serious improvement in fitness next term you should do very well indeed!!!

Love you girls,

xxxxx (Pia)

1. Day 3 or 4
2. Brrr...
3. The end of the week

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