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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2004

1st men's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

3rd of all novice men's VIIIs
Time: 10:05
To a man, we agreed that we'd done our best sustained rowing of the term -- our 33 rating off the start felt slower and more composed than previous outings at 26, and never once did we drop below 30. Yet to lose by seven seconds to LMBC over a ten-minute course left us all with the sinking feeling that we might, after all, have had that extra 1% in the tank. A disappointment, to be sure, but also a strong result to build on.

On a brighter note, bow Aldous Bertram provided pure comedy by coxing the row home. He relentlessly berated other boats for their blades of "foul off-strawberry" or "vulgar lilac." He also cleverly navigated us into the Fen Ditton Parish Ditch with well-timed demands for "secret pressure." And I'm certain none of the crews within earshot will ever forget his stirring rendition of Silent Night, delivered with his cox box at full volume and his voice box at full falsetto.

P.S. I think we showed a certain navigationally challenged cox at a college-to-remain-nameless who the real rowers are. (James)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

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