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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2004

A 2700m timed head race on the Cam for Cambridge College novice VIIIs
Thu 2nd December

The official results published by the organisers, Jesus College Boat Club, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

1st men's novice VIII, 1st division

3rd of all novice men's VIIIs
Time: 10:05
To a man, we agreed that we'd done our best sustained rowing of the term -- our 33 rating off the start felt slower and more composed than previous outings at 26, and never once did we drop below 30. Yet to lose by seven seconds to LMBC over a ten-minute course left us all with the sinking feeling that we might, after all, have had that extra 1% in the tank. A disappointment, to be sure, but also a strong result to build on.

On a brighter note, bow Aldous Bertram provided pure comedy by coxing the row home. He relentlessly berated other boats for their blades of "foul off-strawberry" or "vulgar lilac." He also cleverly navigated us into the Fen Ditton Parish Ditch with well-timed demands for "secret pressure." And I'm certain none of the crews within earshot will ever forget his stirring rendition of Silent Night, delivered with his cox box at full volume and his voice box at full falsetto.

P.S. I think we showed a certain navigationally challenged cox at a college-to-remain-nameless who the real rowers are. (James)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Another one from the...
2. Starting
3. Jim a bit over-enthu...

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2nd men's novice VIII, 2nd division

12th, 3rd 2nd VIII
Time: 10:43
Great row, guys!

As always, our start fired and we swiftly closed on Trinity Hall ahead of us: rating high and pulling together. It felt like we could catch them by King's. Then, ten strokes out of the road bridge, disaster struck as Matt (stroke) fell off his seat. After rowing with six for a while - and toying with seven round the corner - he finally got it fixed, but our momentum was gone.

From here, the rate dropped and dropped up to Chesterton footbridge, as the crew tired. Coming out - "Halfway!" - we put on a big push over about thirty strokes, and held it there. Realising we were closing again on the Hall, and spurred on by our bank party, a huge roar then erupted from the heart of the boat; Tim:

"Let's DESTROY them!!"

Firing on all cylinders, we put the rate back up and came level with them approaching the railway bridge. They took the inside of the corner but it didn't delay us long - and spurred on by our success, we roared away down Long Reach to the finish. The crew were thoroughly exhausted, but happy. Bring on the bumps! (Alex)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Starting
2. Nice and tidy
3. Everyone checking th...

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3rd men's novice VIII, 2nd division

29th, 2nd 3rd VIII, beat their Red Scum equivalent!!!
Time: 11:36
A row to be proud of combined power & control. Shame queens came out of nowhere, but they'll go back to nowhere soon. Good work beating the maggie scum. (ed)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Together from the start
2. Waiting to go home
3. A happy crew

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4th men's novice VIII, 2nd division

40th, 1st 4th VIII... beat the Maggie Scum!!
Time: 11:58
Another solid row from the 4ths - despatching no less than 5 other first men's VIIIs. It was also satisfying to be able to put the reds in their place by 19 seconds.

With no training time lost on technicalities such as 'winding it up' or 'race pace' we were able to storm off to about 26 from the start and hold it there for the entire course. Raph handled the corners brilliantly and Ramsey set up an admirably long stroke.

A rather lumbering Pembroke III gave us some problems as we tried to overtake them (definitely not 'ram them') nail bitingly close before Chesterton but otherwise everything went as according to the non-existent race plan. An enormous push to the finish really summed up what the 4ths were made of, and I wish them all a well deserved break this Christmas.

Well done, boys! (Dan)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Starting
2. Plenty of splash

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1st women's novice VIII, 1st division

6th of all novice women's VIIIs
Time: 12:09
Well done, girls and Ruth!

Well... unfortunately it wasn't quite pay-back time for Jesus, but seeing that we only came 11th in Queens ergs this goes to show that Technique Does Matter!!!

Welcome to the senior squad... see you all for Lents!

xx (Pia)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Open wide!
2. Clair checks out the...
3. Pre-race crew shot!

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3rd women's novice VIII, 2nd division

37, 4th 3rd VIII... beat 4 1st crews and 12 2nd crews!
Time: 13:36
As ordered by their cox, the crew beat at least one 1st crew and a couple of 2nd crews. I think if I had realised the slight deviation between what Jesus had promoted as the Finish and what turned out to be the finish Selwyn also would have had it coming. But who cares now... amazing result, girlies! I think we can be duly proud of this row!!

Thanks to all eight of you for what has been a truly worthwhile addition to my boatie schedule... I wouldn't have wanted to novice cox with any other crew in the world...

I love you, girls *sob*

xx (Pia)
A video of the crew coming past the P&E can be found here. (BJ)

1. Gooooooo!!!
2. We can do it!
3. Looking good :)

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2nd women's novice VIII, 2nd division

49th, 14th 2nd VIII
Time: 14:29
Well done, girls... well done, Dilini. Only the truly great rowers-slash-coxes of our time become senior rowers in their first outing...!! (Pia)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Isn't he sweet?
2. Who's the imposter a...

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Crew Time</b> 1 LMBC I 09:58 2 Christ's I 10:00 <b>3 First &amp; Third I 10:05</b> 4 Jesus I 10:08 5 Pembroke I 10:13 6 Robinson I 10:21 7 Queens' I 10:31 8 LMBC II 10:32 9 Caius I 10:34 10 Emmanuel II 10:36 11 Selwyn I 10:41 <b>12 First &amp; Third II 10:43</b> 13 Queens' II 10:43 14 Fitzwilliam 10:55 15 CCAT 10:55 16 Emmanuel I 11:01 17 Caius II 11:03 18 Downing I 11:04 19 St Catharine's I 11:11 20 Leys School I 11:12 21 Queens' III 11:16 22 Peterhouse I 11:20 23 Leys School II (IV+) 11:20 24 Churchill I 11:22 25 Robinson II 11:29 26 Corpus Christi I 11:30 27 King's I 11:35 28 Clare 11:36 <b>29 First &amp; Third III 11:36</b> 30 Trinity Hall I 11:38 31 Sidney Sussex I 11:40 32 Christ's II 11:40 33 Clare Hall 11:41 34 LMBC III 11:42 35 Jesus II 11:42 36 Homerton I 11:44 37 Pembroke II (M) 11:49 38 Trinity Hall II 11:49 39 Magdalene II 11:52 <b>40 First &amp; Third IV 11:58</b> 41 Peterhouse II 11:58 42 Darwin 11:59 43 King's II 12:00 44 Downing II 12:02 45 Magdalene I 12:02 46 Selwyn III 12:04 47 Caius III 12:08 48 Girton 12:08 49 Wolfson III 12:16 50 LMBC IV 12:17 51 Sidney Sussex II 12:18 52 Emmanuel III 12:19 53 Selwyn II 12:32 54 Wolfson I 12:34 55 Trinity Hall III 12:40 56 Sidney Sussex III 12:40 57 St. Edmund's 12:41 58 St. Catharine's II 12:42 59 Caius IV 12:44 60 Churchill II 12:48 61 Robinson III 12:49 62 Jesus III 12:49 63 Wolfson II 12:53 64 Queens' IV 13:07 65 Magdalene III 13:12 66 Corpus Christi II 13:17 67 Wolfson IV 13:35 68 Christ's III 13:54 69 Queens' V 14:09 70 Pembroke III 14:15 71 Homerton II 14:21 72 LMBC V 14:38 73 Sidney Sussex IV 14:59</pre></p><h4>Women's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>1 LMBC I 11:27</b> 2 Jesus I 11:49 3 Homerton I 12:01 4 Newnham I 12:02 5 Leys School IV (IV+) 12:02 6 Emmanuel I 12:03 <b>7 First &amp; Third I 12:09</b> 8 Girton I 12:13 9 Caius I 12:22 10 Churchill 12:24 11 Queens' I 12:30 12 Newnham II 12:36 13 Hughes Hall 12:41 14 LMBC II 12:41 15 Magdalene I 12:44 16 Fitzwilliam II 12:46 17 Queens' II 12:47 18 Fitzwilliam I 12:47 19 Queens' IV 12:50 20 LMBC III 12:51 21 St. Catharine's I 12:51 22 Queens' III 12:52 23 Jesus II 12:52 24 New Hall I 12:56 25 Clare I 12:58 26 Christ's 12:59 27 CCAT I 13:01 28 CCAT II 13:06 29 Corpus Christi I 13:07 30 King's 13:12 31 Peterhouse 13:13 32 Downing 13:16 33 Jesus III 13:19 34 Pembroke I 13:25 35 Caius II 13:27 36 Trinity Hall I 13:29 37 Selwyn 13:35 <b>38 First &amp; Third III 13:36</b> 39 Pembroke III 13:41 40 Pembroke II 13:41 41 Churchill II 13:44 42 Robinson 13:48 43 LMBC IV 13:51 44 Sidney Sussex I 13:55 45 New Hall II 14:00 46 St Catharine's II 14:02 47 Clare II 14:08 48 Downing II 14:13 49 Caius III 14:21 <b>50 First &amp; Third II 14:29</b> 51 Darwin 14:39 52 Trinity Hall II 14:44 53 Newnham IV 14:58 54 Magdalene II 15:10 55 Homerton II 15:20 56 Newnham III 15:26 57 Sidney Sussex II 15:36 58 Leys School III (8x+) 15:38 59 Caius IV 15:54 60 Wolfson 15:56 61 Magdalene III 16:04</pre>NOTE: The results for the women's division have now been corrected: the Race Numbers are now fully accurate, and the times for Girton I, Hughes Hall and Magdelene III have been corrected.</p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
Cambridge weather: text

1. The joys of marshall...

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