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University IVs 2004

1st men's IV, Australian Rhythm (Light IVs)

Light IV
in Michael Proctor
bow (steers) Will Thorne 2 Andrew Lea-Cox
3 Tom Coker str Dan Jane
Semi finals
Lost to Pembroke by 5s in re-row (after a dead-heat)
The light IVs division seems to be cursed for 1st & 3rd! As we have realised in training, the 4- we're borrowing from Aylings (until they finally finish building our new one) corners "as well as a Kings' VIII" in the words of Mr Thorne. However it does motor down the straights and it seemed to be a cat and mouse game of gaining during the reaches and losing ground around the corners.

The crew had a slightly manic start and it took a while to find our rhythm. We managed to put in some good lifts out of the corners and it was all extremely close until we clipped a barge around Peter's Posts which led to a slightly flustered wind to the finish. I think that even if we hadn't clipped the barge, it still would have been very close, but as it was, there was less than a second between us and it was called a dead-heat.

Needless to say, we were completely exhausted having given it all we had and now we were having to contemplate a re-row. Pembroke wanted to race the entire course, so we concentrated on just trying to relax and treat what was to come as a new race (as much as one can in that situation!)

We had a very good (if somewhat light) paddle back to the lock and lined up pretty quickly. Unfortunately our exhaustion really showed off the start and Pembroke just raced ahead, taking the lead to 4 or 5 lengths by the Gut. Will took a tight line round Grassy and we said a brief hello to the grey barge (although we avoided contact) and then had a rather awful Ditton. However coming into the reach, we managed to achieve more of that smooth Aussie rhythm and we started making up some of our lost ground pretty well down the reach. We had a fantastic lift to the finish and continued to close on Pembroke, however they just took too much of a lead in the first part of the course. All credit must go to Pembroke for their win, but i think we put in a pretty good show and should be proud of it.

Never again... (Rupert the Bear)

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