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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2004

2nd men's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Alex Davies

12th, 3rd 2nd VIII
Time: 10:43
Great row, guys!

As always, our start fired and we swiftly closed on Trinity Hall ahead of us: rating high and pulling together. It felt like we could catch them by King's. Then, ten strokes out of the road bridge, disaster struck as Matt (stroke) fell off his seat. After rowing with six for a while - and toying with seven round the corner - he finally got it fixed, but our momentum was gone.

From here, the rate dropped and dropped up to Chesterton footbridge, as the crew tired. Coming out - "Halfway!" - we put on a big push over about thirty strokes, and held it there. Realising we were closing again on the Hall, and spurred on by our bank party, a huge roar then erupted from the heart of the boat; Tim:

"Let's DESTROY them!!"

Firing on all cylinders, we put the rate back up and came level with them approaching the railway bridge. They took the inside of the corner but it didn't delay us long - and spurred on by our success, we roared away down Long Reach to the finish. The crew were thoroughly exhausted, but happy. Bring on the bumps! (Alex)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

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