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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2004

1st men's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

2nd round
lost to Jesus A by 2 lengths in a re-row
For those of you wondering why there was a re-row...

This race was much tougher than the first, but it still started well, with FaT taking about half a length off Jesus in the first half of the course (their corner). However, Jesus put in a huge push, starting just before the railway bridge, and steered onto our side of the river, causing a blade clash and their winning by about 1/4 of a length. Unfortunately the umpires decided to call a re-row rather than disqualifying Jesus.

However, our crew thought they'd lost and were already halfway home. This meant they rowed straight back and started as soon as they reached the start (in the opposite direction). Jesus were all fired up for the re-row, whereas our boys clearly wanted to be back home! Despite similar disgraceful steering from their cox, as in the first race, the margin of victory was sufficiently large for the umpires not to call another re-row.

I was glad to see our boat behaved very well throughout, despite verbal abuse from the Jesus boat, and also that they managed to put in a good bit of paddling after the race!

Bring on Fairbairns, when Jesus are going down! (BJ)

1. Struggling in the re...
2. Effort against Jesus
3. Stern 5

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