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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2004

A side-by-side knock out regatta for Cambridge College novice (beginner) VIIIs
Thu 25th - Sat 27th November

The official results published by the organisers, Clare College Boat Club, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

1st men's novice VIII, Cup

2nd round
lost to Jesus A by 2 lengths in a re-row
For those of you wondering why there was a re-row...

This race was much tougher than the first, but it still started well, with FaT taking about half a length off Jesus in the first half of the course (their corner). However, Jesus put in a huge push, starting just before the railway bridge, and steered onto our side of the river, causing a blade clash and their winning by about 1/4 of a length. Unfortunately the umpires decided to call a re-row rather than disqualifying Jesus.

However, our crew thought they'd lost and were already halfway home. This meant they rowed straight back and started as soon as they reached the start (in the opposite direction). Jesus were all fired up for the re-row, whereas our boys clearly wanted to be back home! Despite similar disgraceful steering from their cox, as in the first race, the margin of victory was sufficiently large for the umpires not to call another re-row.

I was glad to see our boat behaved very well throughout, despite verbal abuse from the Jesus boat, and also that they managed to put in a good bit of paddling after the race!

Bring on Fairbairns, when Jesus are going down! (BJ)

1. Struggling in the re...
2. Effort against Jesus
3. Stern 5

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1st women's novice VIII, Cup

1. At the start.
2. Waiting some more...
3. Waiting...

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2nd men's novice VIII, Cup

Quarter finals
beat Caius A by 1 length
This was an awesome race. The crew started well, slowly pulling away from Caius at the start and gradually extending their lead to a length as they neared the Railway Bridge. They then held Caius at a length to the finish. An excellent display of technique and control over brute force. (Phil)

1. At the catch
2. Mid-drive
3. Getting started.

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2nd women's novice VIII, Plate

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3rd men's novice VIII, Plate

1st round
beat Magdalene B by about 4 lengths
We were just much better than them. A very tidy row which sagged a bit towards the end, but when you have 2 lengths of clear water that's not surprising! Good to see off a second boat so easily. (BJ)
2nd round
beaten by Maggie C (SCUM!) by about 2 lengths
We knew this one would be much harder, and it was. A good start saw the boats pretty much level after 10 strokes, but after striding we started creeping away very slowly. Unfortunately, a lost foot strap and then a lost seat led to some severe spacking, with some impressive antiphase rowing, losing us about 1.5 lengths. We got it back together again and started to close, but after the railway bridge they got the advantage of the corner, heads began to drop, and they pulled away slightly at the end.

However, a solid paddle home (including a completely unnecessary practice start!?) bodes well for the test of Fairbairns. This crew can be very proud of the way they rowed today, and look forward to beating the Maggie scum when it matters! (BJ)

1. Cruising against Mag...
2. Stern 4
3. Grit your teeth!

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3rd women's novice VIII, Plate

2nd round
beat Hughes Hall B by 4 lengths
We had no idea what to expect, after all this was our very first race... but we certainly didn't expect the near double digit length lead at the finish line!

WELL DONE GIRLS! Dan, the CU Cyclists and all the sheep of Wales are proud of you... xx (Pia)
Quarter finals
Beat LMBC C by 1 length

The will to shed some red scum blood was there right from the warm up in the boathouse... We knew fully well that the Maggie Menace were going to give us more trouble than the docile grads from Hughes. But first cracks appeared in the LMBC uberego when we had a cheering match with the 1st women outside the P&E,... we saw those lip-stick smeared faces drop as the air resounded with mighty 1st&3rd cheers. The girls rowed better than yesterday, back lean and strong finishes were introduced on the row up to the start while they as ever excelled at responding to ratio calls. Marshalled outside the Plough we continued to undermine the opposition's self confidence with singing and chanting. Bankparty Zoe cunningly worked out the critical point of maximum destruction for our Crew Chant (3x Cox: What are we gonna do??? Crew: WIN!!!)- delivered in a male voice, since the only reminescent of our girlie selves was to be my hockey skirt- and we roared while maggie made their spacking attempt at spinning.

After a strong start we were marginally ahead, a push for ten into the lead followed taking us to 1/4 length. The unimaginative scum cox then called for a push from the lipstick ladies but we quietly matched their push, which led to more maggie disillusionment and 3/4 length for us! The girls kept it together marvellously, and responded to every call, a ratio shift increased our lead to a length and a push for 'the bow girl' gave us clear water. After the railway bridge we fell apart a bit and the scum gained back on us with a last desperate effort. Summoning the last energy reserves the girls pushed for the finish and into the semi-finals.

Dami's loss to LMBC men C had been avenged... An absolutely tremendous effort!!! (Pia)
Semi finals
Lost to Queens' C by 3 lengths
Shame, shame, shame. We looked better while paddling, but they had the better race. The concept of 'catches' was revealed on the row back to the boathouse. A doubling of the boatspeed made my heart drop... we could have had them.

Bring on Fairbairns... Queens have not seen the last of us.

NM3 can be really proud of what they did today! (Pia)

1. Stay warm!
2. In the semi-finals
3. In the boat!

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4th men's novice VIII, Plate

1st round
Beat Wolfson C easily
Having never practised racing starts before, the 4th VIII did well to start pulling away very early into the race. Wolfson then crashed into the bank within the first 30 seconds, at which point they took a huge lead which was maintained at a ludicrously low rate until the finish. Overall a good row which set them up nicely for the next round. (Phil)
2nd round
Excelled against Christ's C by 1 and a quarter lengths
Having not seen the 4ths row for ages, I was extremely impressed. Apparently they'd rated about 18 in the first race and still got an "easily" verdict. In this race they reached about 24 spm and took a length advantage very quickly. A crab half-way down the reach saw Christ's get back to about 3/4 of a length by the time we'd recovered, but the boys pulled it back together well to get the advantage back to just over a length by the Railway Bridge, which they held all the way to the finish. Impressive stuff, good luck on Saturday!! (Richard)

1. We can beat Wolfson ...
2. Stern 5
3. Middle 4

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1. JPD sporting controv...

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