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Gloucester Regatta, Summer 2004

Black Prince/1st and 3rd/Churchill/Emmanuel Composite (Senior 2 4+)

Coxed by: Rebecca Dowbiggin

Beat Newark by 2 lengths
I dont remember any of these races. As JPD said in his report we had only got in about 5am. I was a bit better than him as i had got some sleep in the car on the way over, but I still was a bit out of it. Anyway we raced a round or two and won the final so thats all that really matters. (Dan)
You've obviously forgotten that adding the other rounds will increase the "number of races" stat in our profiles.

Oops ;-) (JPD)
And both of you have obviously forgotten that there were no other rounds as this was a straight final. It was fairly easy despite Christian forgetting the difference between rowing and punting. (Rose the Twat)

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