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Summer 2004

Miscellaneous men's IVs

Gloucester Regatta (Senior 2 4+), Black Prince/1st and 3rd/Churchill/Emmanuel Composite

Beat Newark by 2 lengths
I dont remember any of these races. As JPD said in his report we had only got in about 5am. I was a bit better than him as i had got some sleep in the car on the way over, but I still was a bit out of it. Anyway we raced a round or two and won the final so thats all that really matters. (Dan)
You've obviously forgotten that adding the other rounds will increase the "number of races" stat in our profiles.

Oops ;-) (JPD)
And both of you have obviously forgotten that there were no other rounds as this was a straight final. It was fairly easy despite Christian forgetting the difference between rowing and punting. (Rose the Twat)
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Bristol Avon Regatta (Senior2 4+), Black Prince/1st and 3rd/Churchill/Emmanuel Composite

Semi finals
beat Cygnet (1 1/4 lengths)
Tough conditions made this race messy, although we soon had clear water and our half-blue cox was able to clip buoys without any fear of losing. (JPD)
beat Cantabs (1 1/4 lengths)
If you can't join 'em, beat 'em ;-)

This race was a bit messy, with Christian almost catching a crab at one point, just for fun. Cantabs had held us off the start, but we got some long strokes in coming up to a minute which moved us ahead. We didn't have the time(ing) or inclination to move ahead any more, so we didn't. (JPD)
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Ross Regatta (Senior 2 4+), Black Prince/1st and 3rd/Churchill/Emmanuel Composite

1st round
Beat Newark (~2 l)
I dont remember this as being a good race but we won fairly easily. (Dan)
Semi finals
Beat Monmouth (1 l)
Again not a great race but we put down some power and crossed the line a fair way ahead. (Dan)
We may have crossed the line a fair way ahead, but as anyone who has witnessed the comically staggered finish at Ross can testify, this actually means nothing! I'd guess the verdict was more like 1/4l.

The start in this race was good, but as Dan says the rest was scrappy, if fairly powerful. (Rose the Twat)
Beat Furnivall (several lengths)
Our best race of the weekend. This might have something to do with stern pair finally deciding to do some work but whatever the reason we won by a large margin and rowed quite neatly. We probably would have challenged the S1 winners with that row. (Dan)
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