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May Bumps 2004

3rd men's VIII

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Emily Hamilton

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Emily Hamilton

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Emily Hamilton

Bumped by Downing III
Well, this was shocking. Our start was alright - pulling about half a length on Downing M3 - but in a similar way to the Nines - we fell to bits not long afterwards - with very little power being put down. Downing III behind closed up the gap quite quickly - and we were roughly on-station with LMBC III in front. Downing got us right on first post corner.

This was utterly disapointing - most of our practice pieces have been so much better than this. Whether the difference was due to the headwind up 1st post reach, or the fact that our 3-man was found passed out at 4a.m. outside Cindy's, I don't know. Tomorrow we will look to have a much better row down and race and try and catch Downing before they get Maggie. Maybe we could look for the cheeky overbump on Magdalene M2. (Richard)
Rowed over
A better row than yesterday overall. We had quite a reasonable start - either holding station or gaining a small amount of distance behind. Peterhouse II started to make a move about half-way up 1st post reach - gaining the first whistle just before first post corner. We had to go very wide on 1st post corner to avoid a boat which had bumped out - but Peterhouse were able to get a better line - giving them their 2nd whistle. They closed up to about 1/3 of a length at Grassy corner - where both crews had to go wide to avoid crews bumped out on the inside of the corner. Our lift out of Grassy was extremely good - and the gap started opening out as we found a nice rhythm - we had about a length by the Plough pub (although the Peterhouse bank-party were still giving 2 whistles!!!). I think at about this point the 4-man of the Peterhouse boat came off his seat or something like that - as Peterhouse disappeared into the distance. At the entry to Ditton corner - we had nearly 2 lengths clear water. A very wide corner by the chasing boat saw the gap grow further. Peterhouse looked to be at least 4 lengths down at the Railings - and not long after I think a crab ended their challenge as Trinity Hall III came up and hit them for the overbump. With Clare III about 400 metres behind - we wound it down to about 20 - although we took it up slightly for the finish as practice.

Overall today was a row that we can, generally speaking, be reasonably pleased with - but we can still step up a gear or two. Tomorrow we're chasing Maggie III again to send them down to their lowest ever position in the Mays. (Richard)
The start was reasonable, not as good as our practise outside the plough and maybe not even as good as yesterday. Rowing after the stride was a lot better than yesterday though.

I was getting a bit worried by grassy when Peterhouse were within half a length and seemingly closing, but a good push out of grassy and a nice rhythm through plough reach saw us stretch our lead to about a length. Then came the wonderful sight of their 4 man loosing his seat around ditton, forcing them to take a terrible line, allowing us to move even further away. Rest of the row was pretty relaxed after they were overbumped by Tit Hall halfway down the reach. (Phil)
Bumped by Trinity Hall III
This was not so good. After the gun - we closed slightly on Maggie infront - but Trinity Hall III behind closed much faster. A bit of spannering before the motorway bridge let Hall close to 3/4 of a length, and they kept advancing. We got our 1 length whistle on Maggie just after the motorway bridge, but we couldn't hold off Hall behind - who made contact at 1st post corner.

Overall today wasn't nearly as good as yesterday - we never really found the rhythm that we had yesterday.

Tomorrow, Hall will likely bump LMBC III before 1st post corner to win their blades, leaving us chasing Pembroke II for the overbump and their spoons. Behind we have to hold off Emma III - who are being chased by an angry looking Peterhouse II (Richard)
Rowed over
We made a quick crew order change to see whether we could enforce a nice rhythm. Our practice start and 30 second piece under the Railway Bridge felt very nice from inside the boat - which gave me confidence that our real race was going to be good. Our practice start outside the Plough wasn't quite as good, but after a short burst in 1st post reach we arrived on station and spun with about 12 minutes to go.

After the gun - the start wasn't quite as good as I'd have liked - and I had several bad strokes early in the race which allowed Emmanuel to get to about 1 length off us. We soon settled into the rhythm that we had been looking for all week and held Emma at about a length and a quarter for most of First post reach. Ahead of us, Trinity Hall III bumped LMBC III at the top of 1st post reach to leave us chasing for the overbump on Pembroke II. A nice line through the gut and Grassy corner saw us move from a length and a quarter to outside distance and we increased this distance up the Plough Reach with a nice push out of Grassy. Just before Ditton, the heavens opened as torrential rain came down. Our cox wasn't amused, but our rhythm was unaffected. As we rounded Ditton - Emmanuel were significantly outside distance and were continuing to fall back, despite one pretty bad stroke just after the corner. We continued closing in for the overbump on Pembroke, but we were running out of river as we neared the finish. Coming through the Railway Bridge, Emmanuel were about 5 or 6 lengths down, and Pembroke ahead had held us at around 2 lengths. We tried a rolling start to get another couple of pips to try and push for Pembroke, but something on 2's footplate broke, and our challenge for the overbump was effectively over. Peterhouse II who had fallen a long way back early on were now pushing Emma hard, who had crept up on us slightly - but we took it across the finish at Morley's Halt around 4 lengths clear. In the distance, all 4 crews behind also rowed over.

Today's race was probably the best race in which I've sat in the stroke seat - and the rhythm felt pretty good throughout.

Overall, we've had a slightly disappointing bumps - finishing down 2 places, but today's row-over felt very nice and we can restore a bit of pride with the race. Although we set out for rowing for the overbump - it was always going to be a bonus and rowing-over was the real target of the day. (Richard)

1. Well clear of Emma III
2. 3rd men moving up on...
3. In the rain at the P...

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