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Lent Bumps 2004

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Rachel Wolf

Bumped Darwin II
Not the greatest start ever, but caught up with Darwin II fairly quickly. They refused to acknowledge, and Dallis (bow) was too polite to give the darwin cox any "encouragement" :) but they finally gave in when ailinore (3) smacked their stern, just before the motorway bridge. Rowed home decked in greenery - woohoo! Well done girls, blades here we come!! "Hi-ho...." (Lilie)
Bumped Fitzwilliam II
Bit of a panicked start, not helped by fears of broken footplates and lack of a coach! But we gained quickly and were overlapping before the motorway bridge. Fitz gave a final push and held us off briefly, but to no avail! We finally got them straight after the bridge. Raa Raa FaT women!!!! (
It was so cold today.. couldn't feel my hands after the first two strokes, which is my excuse for not being the technically best crew out there today.. But gave it plently of FaT grunt, and made progress towards fitz II on the start. We got overlap round about the motorway bridge, but seemed to go forever after that! I finally managed to smack their stern (yes Jenners, stern :S) - that felt good! Didn't get their cox though.. ah well, next time :)
Woohoo, we're halfway there, keep it up girls! "Hi Ho..." (Lilie)
Bumped New Hall III
Slightly shaky start (understatement?) but we pulled it back supremely to catch some New Hall ass just after motorway bridge... a very satisfying row. Bring on Pembroke! (Ailly)
*Yea* we did! Despite a shocking start, for the first time we really came together as a crew, and rowed well - calm relaxed and powerful. Basically the opposite of yesterday, lost at least half a length off the start, but thanks to the three(!) strides called by rachel, we kept it calm, and had overlap by the motorway bridge again,bumping just afterwards. With a good start tomorrow, we have every chance! Go First and Third - FaT women rock!!! (Lilie)
This was a terrific race, the day we really got everything together. Apart from the start... the gun was quite quiet today, probably blown away by the wind, and I think I was pretty much the only person who started on it. After a quick re-adjustment we managed to get it back together and from then on it was perfect. Every stroke was long and powerful and we bumped New Hall just after the motorway bridge. I was enjoying it so much that I wanted to carry on going!!!
We're all very much looking forward to tomorrow, where we can hopefully do ourselves justice and get that last bump. (Little Jenners)
Bumped Pembroke III
Yeeeeeeeey! This time I'm getting in there before you guys... no race report from my bed, however, damn pleased for you. First Bumps. Nicely bladed. (Pia)
Today was perfect. Pembroke didnt really have a chance we bumped them before the motorway bridge- *yeah* we did :) Rowing home with the flag I will never forget, fantastic! And of course we were looking *well sexy* in our all-in-ones :) Has been soo much fun...BLADES! (Ailly)

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