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Women's Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2004

1st women's VIII (Senior3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

115th overall, 8th Cambridge college crew
Time: 21:15.7
Due to illness, the crew that entered WeHORR had not rowed together before boating from Sons of the Thames today. Given this, and the inexperience of the crew (all but one of us were tideway virgins), I was very pleased with the first half of the race. After a slightly inexpert stride we managd to hit a pretty nice rhythm and were overtaking crews in no time. We had a exciting double overtaking manoeuvre under [the 2nd lamp-post of] Hammersmith bridge as we squeezed between Emma B (cambs) and I'm not sure who, which Honey handled superbly.
After that things went a little bit soggy, perhaps as it dawned on us that we were only half way through. A reasonable result though, although personally I am gutted to have been beaten by Tit Hall, and especially Pembroke, by such small margins. Sigh...

PS Sorry- not meaning to sounds so negative- in Jo language reasonable means good, and im not gutted in a 'we didnt do well' way... more in a 'we did great... but look how close we were... again!' way! (jo)
A reasonable result Jo.........? I think it was great!

I think coming 115th is pretty amazing given the pedigree of the competition, the mix-match and the inexperience of the crew we entered. And to be beaten by Tit Hall and Pembroke's *first* crews is nothing to be ashamed of in a scratch crew like todays.

Well done guys!!! (Aileen)
Remember that Pembroke went off in something like the third division, so they will have had more advantage from the tide.

I personally thought we had a pretty solid row today, especially for a crew whose only outing was half the length of the race itself (the row up to the start!). Hopefully we can build on this result next year, when we'll have a better starting number, and make it into the top 100. :)

Good result everyone. (Amelia)

1. From Chiswick Bridge
2. It's a very big rive...
3. Looking superb from ...

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