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Fairbairn Cup 2003

A 4300m timed head race on the Cam for VIIIs
Fri 5th December

The official results published by the organisers, Jesus College, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

BPBC 1st men's VIII, Invitation VIIIs

4th overall, Winners of Invitation VIIIs
Time: 15:03
One of the more powerful crews to have been fielded by Black Prince, we found quite a sedate rhythm into a mild headwind, with which we managed to sustain our boat speed throughout the length of the course. A good enough time to win the Invitational VIIIs, though just pipped by Downing on the official timings and trailing in the wake of CUBC. Along with the other Black Prince results, an excellent weekend for the club. (Jon)

1. Black Prince taking ...
2. Starting

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1st men's VIII, Senior VIIIs

8th overall, 3rd college VIII
Time: 15:21
After agreeing not to blast it off the start, we performed a strong, controlled wind, and settled to a nice "low" (!!) rating of 36. After a few minutes of this, we drifted down to a more sustainable 34 which we kept for the rest of the course.
A solid row, marred only by a slightly spacky bit towards the finish as people got tired, saw us come in 3rd best college crew behind Downing. We beat Maggie (by a second) and Caius, and put the so-called "All-Stars VIII" firmly in their place, so things are looking OK at this point in the year. (Matt)

1. Bow 7 are late again...
2. "Let's see how ...
3. Strokeside try to co...

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BPBC 2nd men's VIII, Invitation VIIIs

24th overall
Time: 16:10
A pleasing result for the crew, whose members had a fair amount of past glory but not so many recent honours (with notable exceptions!).
Our main aim was to take on the FaT low commitment VIII, and leave the beating of 1st VIIIs to our larger friends in BPBC I (although we wouldn't complain about giving any of the first VIIIs, including 1+3, a run for their money). The college chaps had clearly seen the winning methods of BPBC in the past, and taken up the BPBC training mantra, but we outfoxed them this time round by actually having some outings. Rowing in the Karlisch was certainly a blast from the past and although the old girl is maybe getting a little tired and heavy, so are we, and she did us proud yet again.
The race itself went without major incident, rating 32-33 along the course before going for a series of up-ones down first post reach, which had the effect of managing to keep the rate pretty much constant! I was particularly pleased that I started to be in severe pain much later than last year - this year I reckon I made it all the way to Downing boathouse. The reach was probably our best section, and it was here that we made up the ground on our targets ahead, which we then managed to maintain to the end.
Overall, a good day had by all, and a great chance to get to know the current 1+3 members, while further enhancing the glory of "Trinity Boat Clubs Inc."! (Rich)

1. BPBC II from the bridge
2. A couple of strokes ...

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2nd men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

25th overall, Winners of Lower VIIIs
Time: 16:14
Having had precisely zero outings as a crew we opted for a fairly gentlemanly row. We didn't really rate above 30 and no one pulled very hard so we went rather slowly. However, we achieved our main aim which was to win the 2nd VIIIs category.

Hopefully, most of this crew will be back in serious training in the Mays crews, where we should build on these highly successful results.

Chris (Ingers)
Not a bad row, but not great either. It never felt that powerful and we failed to achieve the rhythm and length we would have liked to. 'Mac' once said: "Job done" (Dan)
Our race number was 2^(2^3). I find this pleasing. (Dubya)

1. The Lazy VIII from C...
2. Gentlemanly Rowing
3. Looking Good...

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3rd men's VIII, Gradish VIII, Lower VIIIs

34th overall, 4th of 11 Lower VIIIs
Time: 17:15
We all thought it went rather well despite most of the crew having indulged in plenty of festive cheer at the BA Christmas Dinner the previous night. It took us a while to get warmed up as we'd been sitting on the water for about an hour and only had a few strokes to practice, except "Judas" at bow who had a whole course to warm up as he'd already raced the course that morning in another crew. By the time we reached the end of the reach I thought we were oing much faster and some good pushes through the corners kept the momentum up and we all thought it felt pretty good. We were of course the top third VIII, and the only 2nd VIIIs that beat us were our own low-commitment VIII (ft a fresh Mark S) and Jesus and Downing, so we were the in the top 4th of 11 lower eights and also beat St Eds 1. and err... Pembroke Women Justyn informs me. We floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee... (Neil)

1. Gradishes at the catch
2. Grads at the Start
3. The Gradishes at the...

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4th men's VIII, Gent's VIII, Lower VIIIs

1. Just Over Halfway
2. Gents splashing at t...
3. The Real Gents

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BPBC 1st women's VIII, Invitation VIIIs

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Finish Crew Name Time</b> 1 CUBC II 13:45 2 CUBC I 13:52 3 Downing I 14:58 <b>4 Black Prince I 15:03</b> 5 Churchill I 15:08 6 Benchers 15:17 7 Boar's Head 15:20 <b>8 First &amp; Third I 15:21</b> 9 LMBC I 15:22 10 Caius I 15:29 11 Christ's I 15:29 12 Emmanual I 15:35 13 Peterhouse/Cross Keys 15:40 14 Trinity Hall I 15:45 15 CUBC IV+ 15:46 16 Darwin I 15:46 17 Fitzwilliam I 15:47 18 St. Catherine's I 15:50 19 Jesus I 15:53 20 Crabtree 50+ 15:55 21 Magdalene I 15:58 22 King's I 16:05 23 Girton I 16:09 <b>24 Black Prince II 16:10</b> <b>25 First &amp; Third II 16:14</b> 26 CCAT I 16:17 27 Downing II 16:25 28 Pembroke I 16:25 29 Clare I 16:27 30 Selwyn I 16:28 31 Robinson I 16:32 32 Wolfson I 16:49 33 Jesus II 17:01 <b>34 First &amp; Third III 17:15</b> 35 Emmanual II 17:21 36 Pembroke II 17:21 37 St. Edmund's I 17:27 38 Selwyn II 18:00 39 Darwin II 18:10 <b>40 First &amp; Third IV 18:19</b> 41 Clare II 18:30 42 Sidney Sussex (fellows) 18:49 43 Girton II 19:04 44 Fitzwilliam (Billygoats) 19:06</pre></p><h4>Women's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Finish Crew Name Time</b> 1 Downing I 17:17 2 Caius I 17:25 3 Jesus I 17:46 4 Pembroke I 18:05 5 Girton I 18:12 6 Emmanual I 18:15 7 Magdalene I 18:28 8 Fitzwilliam I 18:28 9 LMBC I 18:29 10 Selwyn I 18:33 11 New Hall I 18:43 12 Wolfson I 18:45 13 Clare I 18:47 14 Newnham I 18:48 15 Darwin I 18:48 <b>16 Black Prince/Gonville composite 18:53</b> 17 Champion of the Thames 19:00 18 Jesus II 19:02 19 Churchill I 19:07 20 Trinity Hall I 19:16 21 Jesus III 19:19 22 Pembroke II 19:22 23 Christ's I 19:23 24 LMBC II 19:43 25 Girton II 19:48 26 Sidney Sussex I 19:51 28 Homerton I 19:59 29 Newnham II 20:06 30 New Hall II 20:23 31 Downing II 20:30 32 CCAT I 21:13</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
Cambridge weather: text

1. JPD rowing Fairbairn...

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