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University IVs 2003

A knockout competition for Cambridge College IVs over 2800m (light IVs), 2000m (men's coxed IVs) or 1300m (women's coxed IVs)
Mon 3rd - Thu 6th November

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Light IV (bow steers), Racing in an Aylings, Light IVs

Semi finals
Lost to LMBC (45s)
In someones immortal words "shit happens". Today it did. We certainly deserved to do better than that. Very dissappointing to say the least. (Dan)
We rowed pretty well for the first 2 minutes and moved up, then picked up a tree on the rudder. I am not lying to say that we lost absolutely all steering from the rudder from First Post to the end. I thought we'd still be OK. I was very, very wrong and for that I apologise. Serious credit is due to the crew for restricting it to just 2 crashes thereon (try doing this yourself with no input from the rudder).

Sometimes your luck's in, sometimes it's out. As long as we continue to capitalise when it's in then I won't complain too much. However, it would have been nice to have at least been knocked out when I was able to row at more than half pressure for the latter half of the race. [I couldn't, otherwise we'd have hit the bank again]

The conclusion: Never pick me or Thorne for the IV's - I think we are cursed and handing the steering to the 2 of us was clearly suicidal. If you want to win it, row for Maggie, but frankly, I 'd rather row for Oxford... (Ingram)

1. At the Plough
2. Looking promising in...
3. The start

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1st women's IV, 1st division

lost to selwyn not so easily
We had a storming start and pulled away convincingly through the stride and power ten. Despite the ludicrous wind we held on well for most of the reach, but they determinedly ploughed back at us. Unfortunately we seemed to lack the fighting spirit that we would have required to hold them off and they snuck ahead. We picked up the power enough to give them a run for their money despite seeming to come to a standstill in the wind after the railway bridge, but it was a little too late. A pity, because I think we had it in us to give Caius a bit of a shock... (wench #7)
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1st Men's Coxed IV, 1st division

Beat Jesus I (30.1s)
We marshalled in good time and processed down to the start after the women's races had drifted by. After spinning and pulling in to the bank, we were informed that the idiot in the grey barge was afloat and causing the races to be held up. After about a 15 minute wait, the aforementioned vessel hove into view and proceeded to crawl past the marshalled crews.
Eventually we set off. Lining up in the strong crosswind didn't prove too difficult, but Jesus had a few problems. As soon as both crews had a semblance of straightness, Laura gave the "Attention ... GO !" and we were off. A powerful relaxed draw was followed by a quick loose wind, and we proceeded to move outside distance on Jesus up First Post Reach. Moving into the Gut and around Grassy, we were cornering so well that Rachel had to call bowside to lighten up for a couple of strokes in the middle of Grassy. We held it together down past the Plough and then moved round Ditton with Jesus floundering in our wake. As we moved into the 30 knot gusts of headwind up the long reach, we had about 10s or so on the opposition, but we stormed up the reach, albeit a little spackily, and increased our lead to about half a minute by the railway bridge.
After watching Catz finish the previous race, Convey apparently looked up and said "Where's Jesus ??" as we came past a lot sooner than the finish marshals had been expecting with Jesus out of sight round the bend. (Matt)
1st round
Lost to Peterhouse (10s)
Rowing against half the Peterhouse May VIII was always going to be tricky. On the way down we managed two of our best starts yet and the real thing lived up to expectations. A strong and technical row down First Post Reach and through the Gut resulted in being just outside station on Peterhouse. Moving into Grassy, Rachel realised that the rudder was not having enough of the desired effect due to some bits of tree we'd picked up. We lost further ground around Grassy and Ditton before deciding to take it up a bit coming down the reach. With immense amounts of power going down, we absolutely flew up the reach, but it appeared that the Peterhouse crew had also pushed and we couldn't quite catch up what we'd already lost in the first half of the race.
Our best row of the week, but sadly, not quite good enough to win on the day. (Matt)

1. Peterhouse easing ou...
2. Turning into Grassy ...
3. Roughly on station i...

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2nd men's coxed IV, 2nd division

Quarter finals
Beat LMBC III (easily)
The crew ran into Maggie in the Gut. Thankfully I dont think we've been disqualified and the easily verdict stands. (Dan)
Semi finals
Beat Trinity Hall II (26.7 s)
A thoroughly enjoyable race. The wind wasn't so strong as the previous two days, which added to the fun. We gained on them from the start, their puddles came into view in plough reach, and we overtook them down the reach to finish with a length of clear water. An impressive margin considering the amount of water we took on board. (TomC)
Beat Jesus II (~14.5s)
Looked good to me! Very comfortable and very convincing. (Dan)
Excellent result here - 28 seconds faster than the 1st four's best time and only 2 seconds off Trinity Hall, who won Division 1!

Dan: maybe time for a change in crew selection policy? (JPD)

1. Crew pose
2. Relaxing near the ra...
3. Moving into the last...

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Grad IV, 2nd division

Quarter finals
Lost to Jesus II (23.4s)
Not a bad row apparently, they were just beaten by a faster crew. (Dan)

1. Powering up the reac...
2. Racing on the Reach
3. Lit by the sun in th...

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