The Club's Results

University IVs 2003

Light IV (bow steers), Racing in an Aylings (Light IVs)

Semi finals
Lost to LMBC (45s)
In someones immortal words "shit happens". Today it did. We certainly deserved to do better than that. Very dissappointing to say the least. (Dan)
We rowed pretty well for the first 2 minutes and moved up, then picked up a tree on the rudder. I am not lying to say that we lost absolutely all steering from the rudder from First Post to the end. I thought we'd still be OK. I was very, very wrong and for that I apologise. Serious credit is due to the crew for restricting it to just 2 crashes thereon (try doing this yourself with no input from the rudder).

Sometimes your luck's in, sometimes it's out. As long as we continue to capitalise when it's in then I won't complain too much. However, it would have been nice to have at least been knocked out when I was able to row at more than half pressure for the latter half of the race. [I couldn't, otherwise we'd have hit the bank again]

The conclusion: Never pick me or Thorne for the IV's - I think we are cursed and handing the steering to the 2 of us was clearly suicidal. If you want to win it, row for Maggie, but frankly, I 'd rather row for Oxford... (Ingram)

1. At the Plough
2. Looking promising in...
3. The start

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