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May Bumps 2003

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Sam Adams

Bumped by Trinity Hall III
Well we bumped something... unfortunately it was grassy corner, and not Catz III who were roughly 1/2 length in front of us at the time. With us parked on the bank Trinity Hall III easily caught up (had been roughly holding station before) though failed to notice our acknowledgement leading to a bent rudder for us, and a snapped blade for them! (Sam)
Bumped by Darwin II
Well, at least this time we made it past Grassy! Thanks to some rather inspired crew shuffling, which involved swapping Dan from stroke to bow, we even managed to take quite a tight line around the beast that had robbed us of the bump the day before. We also managed to acquire a shell that steers, since the fellows had an unfortunate entanglement with the bank earlier in our favourite bathtub, Peter Brandt. Sadly, in spite of our good line, and the rather weaving approach taken by the Darwin cox, we were rudely bumped outside the Plough. D'oh. Oh well, at least we didn't have to row too far... (Chris)
Overbumped by Christ's III
Being chased by the scum, i had a vague idea that we might have to work quite hard to hold them off, as they had quite clearly broken the spirit of the bumps by maintaining the same crew order from day to day, and training together. Surely there should be some rule against this?! No matter, the gun went and on stroke 3 they plowed into the bank rudderless, to be bumped by Corpus. At this point, our overly enthused stroke, Mr. Colvin, shouted at the top of his voice, and with very few soothing undertones "relax". And relax we did, apart from the frantic two-man pushes coming from bow pair, we were settling into a nice rhythm. Some way back, out nemesis was stirring - Christs closed up on all the straights, and lost ground on all the corners, but as soon as we got onto the reach, they made us pay dearly for our complacency. Closing the last length of distance for the overbump in what seemed like the blink of an eye, we once again found ourselves in the bank having been bumped. D'oh. Two-thirds of the way up the Reach. Double D'oh. I did, however discover that a 200-stroke push is definitely the way to find your max. heart rate... (Chris)
Rowed over
Today, we had the dubious honour of being able to chase the Maggie scum without first having been bumped by them. Hmmm. Undoubtedly our best start of the week saw us close up on Maggie, and pull away from Queen's, but sadly the two crews ahead bumped out, leaving us to row the course being chased. With a different crew again, and me back in my favoured home, the bow seat, we seemed to find something we'd been lacking all week, and had what can only be described as a powerful and stylish row-over. I don't know whether it was deliberate, but Hugh also kept taking the rate down once we were on the Reach - i like to think he might have been mocking the poor guys behind! No matter, we plummetted down the tables, but at least we had a laugh doing it... (Chris)

1. After the bump
2. Off the start
3. Rowing up to the start

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