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May Bumps 2003

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: John Earl

Bumped Christ's II
Shaky start, but bumped before the motorway bridge. good show. (Dubya)
Bumped Clare III
Awesome. (Smiley Mark)
Not quite Mark (thanks for the compliment) - a pretty poor row we thought. But hit them anyway. Hooray! (Dubya)
Bumped King's II
We thought Kings would be harder to hit than Clare. But in fact we hit Kings quicker -- by top station (also quicker than Pembroke had done the day before). It was a much better row as we coped well with the dirty water (mostly by avoiding the shitty lines of the crews ahead). It seems we have gained a lot of speed this week. (Dubya)
Bumped St. Edmund's
Everyone a bit nervy, so a poor row but a well deserved bump at the entrance to First Post corner. That's a first boat, two second boats and a third boat down this week. Jolly good show. (Dubya)

1. Bow four with greenery
2. Rowing up to the start
3. Rounding Grassy with...

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