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May Bumps 2003

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: B. A. Kirmani

Bumped by Darwin II
Personally I was expecting Darwin II to be a crew cobbled together the night before in the bar - sadly, no such luck. They bumped us within minutes :@( (Katherine)
Bumped by Clare Hall
Although we still got bumped, this was a much better row than yesterday. We managed to hold off Clare Hall for a few minutes but they closed in and went for the bump - only for us to dig deep and pull away again. They kept at a constant (albeit a close) distance behind us, before closing and going for the bump again. This time we had nothing left. Darwin II who bumped us yesterday went on to bump Vet School (again dressed as cows). Tomorrow we're chasing Clare Hall and have Addies chasing us. (Katherine)
Bumped by Addenbrookes
Good effort, nearly caught Clare Hall back (got to 1/2 a length)! But sadly got hit in the gut. (Dubya)
A storming row today - I thought that they would get us within a few strokes of the start but we held them for what felt like ages - and we made up on Clare Hall who bumped us yesterday. Sadly we couldn't keep it up at that pressure and they caught us. OK - we got bumped again today - but we put in a real good effort. (Katherine)
Rowed over
While rowing down to the start, we found a Homerton blade in the river, minus its button. Some of us suggested leaving it there to make them scratch, but only jokingly-deliberately not letting the opposition race would be a bigger disgrace than spoons. It wouldn't have worked anyway as what Homerton then did was to row to the start in sixes and send their bank party for a spare blade. We were fairly confident that CCAT were good enough to claim their blades with a real bump and did not need to be handed a technical one.

Off the start Homerton closed down on us much like all the others had (to within half a length if their bank party is to be believed), but this time there was visible hope in CCAT closing down on Homerton. At the A14 bridge CCAT caught Homerton, and all we had to worry about was the Hughes Hall sandwich boat.

Rowing over hurts, of course, and it was tempting to give up-until I remembered that if we got caught then we would have to do it again next year as head of division 4. This time we at least had two spaces behind us and something (even if it was something that had caught us before) to chase.

Shortly after the finish we discovered that 4's seat was stuck. Whether it had got stuck while we were still racing I do not know, but if it had it wouldn't be the first time we had overcome technical problems-both my previous row-overs had finished with a seat actually off. (Becky)

1. The crew at the start
2. Awaiting the start
3. Between Darwin and V...

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