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FaT vs BPBC Cricket Challenge, May Term 2002


Lost to First and Third by 69 runs
Not much to add to Neil's excellent report, other than to mention the incident, about half way through the BPBC innings, of "cows stopped play". Being a proper village cricket ground, and to be reached out the back of a pub car park, over a stile and through a field, the Madingley ground virtually shares the grass with several (rather lively as it turned out) cows. Having left a gate open as we entered the ground, it was not immediately apparent that said gate would have a direct impact on the match in hand. Indeed it was not until a cry came from the outfield of "Hold on a minute, what the **** is going on there!?", that we realised the herd's afternoon constitutional had taken them through the gate and onto the appropriately named "cow corner" region of the pitch. A several minute hiatus ensued, as a team of willing volunteers clapped, shouted and chased the cows back where they belonged, and the game was able to resume.

Moral of the story? Always remember your country code... (Mike)
As a contrast to the splendid Champagne moment, I believe we should also have a 'Blue Nun moment' for the worst part of the match and for early contenders I nominate:

1) Me (Ingram) incorrectly giving myself out whilst batting.

2) Goodson bowling an over with at least 5 wides in it having previously caused havoc at the top of the order.

3) Fisher's 2-ball innings where he first managed to take a 3 foot jump to leg and stick out a horizontal bat, amazingly hitting the ball, followed by an attempt at a forward defensive to a slow full toss which hit the bottom of the stumps.

4) Any one of Neil's special nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-ya-YEEEEEESSSSSS calls for a quick single. (Ingram)

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