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Henley Women's Regatta, May Term 2001

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Alex Lee

1st round
Lost to Chuchill (2 feet)
The ladies may VIII raced with a complete crew in perfect conditions at Womens henley on Saturday. Having been drawn against churchill we were very much hoping to get through the first round. Both crews were fractionally late to the start, much to the displeasure of the race officials, so things were a little tense getting on the stake boat. From the go signal Churchill quickly moved away from us, getting about 3/4 length ahead. However, in our crew chat we had discussed never letting their stern past our 3, and this proved to be particularly pertinent. First and Third Birds pushed through churchill, taking back the distance lost with a powerful and determined row while churchill struggled to retain their lead. We finished only two feet behind after a very close race to the finish. It was disappointing to lose but a truly great row which the crew should be proud of. (Rosie)

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