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Lent Bumps 2000

2nd men's VIII, hogley for talbott

Coxed by: Ros Liu

Bumped by Downing II
The crew have developed a fast powerful start. They closed on Sidney, but could not put them under enough pressure. Having pulled out a gap of some 2 1/2 - 3 lengths over Downing II shortly into the race, the boys having failed to bump after their aggressive start, flagged and were duly bumped in the reach. (Martin)
Bumped by Chrst's II
Bitterly disappointing. They closed quickly and dramatically and were closing fast. However in the gut, at just four or six feet off, Peter had a seat failure and Downing got away. They got going again to attempt the row over but were reeled in by Christ's II. (Martin)
Before we set out, we'd discussed with Crawford what our tactics should be for the race. It was clear we had a quick start but weren't very fit, and so, on the basis that our stroke was a "gambling man" we decided to blast it off the start and see what happened. A tactic neatly summarised by Mark: "There is no plan B".

So we had a stonking start, hitting some ridiculous rating and starting gaining on Downing. It got to the Gut (I think) and while it had been a struggle, we had just about heard the three hooters from Crawford. It wasn't certain we'd get them, but we were damn close.

However, it was not to be - the drama unfolded right before my very eyes (I was at 2) as Skorov landed oddly on his seat and derailed it. With 7 of us rowing and Peter finding he simply couldn't get his seat back on, we fell back. Unfortunately for Guy (the stern was still oblivious), Mark's intermittent "call off the attempt" hooter blasts was misinterpreted as "overlap". Some pretty stormy moods and cold looks were in evidence in the boathouse afterwards... (Dan)
Rowed over
They rowed gutsily, and as Corpus were bumped out behind them, they rowed over the course. (Martin)
Bumped by Jesus II
Crawford tried admirably to hearten us: "Jesus denied me my blades, and it would give me a great deal of pleasure to see you deny them theirs." Unfortunately it wasn't to be. They were a much faster crew and deserved the blades that they earned. For me, the end of a disappointing first set of bumps. (Guy)

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