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Head of the Nene, Lent Term 1999

A 5000m timed head race of Regional Importance
Sat 6th February

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1st men's VIII, Senior4 VIIIs

8th overall, winners of S4, 1st college VIII
Time: 16:29
An awesome result with a win in S4, beating Caius and Emma on the way! We had a really solid row, at low-ish rate, with Caius directly behind. Although we lost ground through a bad start, we kept our cool and pushed off them constantly - a very useful skill for Bumps rowing! (Rich)
Buoyed immensely by the return of the pwerful Al Fisher from trialling we set about this race with real purpose.

Caius started behind us and clearly closed over the first few minutes. However, our race strategy of dividing the evet into 90 second intervals worked wonders and we banged down a great rhythm into the breeze to clearly move away.

We had been following an outrageously tough training programme but this proved that our fitness had come on immensely since the the Fairbairns as we we clearly beat crews that had been 40 and 20 seconds ahead of us then. (Ingram)
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2nd men's VIII, Novice VIIIs

36th overall, 2nd of 9 entries in category
Time: 17:40
They didn't have a bad row, but were sorely lacking power, especially in the middle section. (Rich)
"That's 1k [down, 4k to go, we'll settle in this rhythm for 3k and then] take it up for the last kilometer!" ... Would have been useful information but for the fact that none of bow four heard the part in brackets, with the predictable result: we all blew about halfway through.

We knew it was meant to be a longer race, we just thought we were doing very well! (Dubya)
"thought we were doing very well"

Until we were overtaken by Caius II.

Who turned out to be Crabtree. (Rose the Twat)
One of the most talked about Head of the Nene crews! This was the 5k race which included:
1. At 1k the bow four head Alice say '1k to go' admittedly after she had say '1k gone, push though 3k and then..' although we didn't hear that!
2. When Crabtree came up to us most of the crew believed that it was Cauis (II) and so we held them for a minute or two! After that effort we died!
3. In the last k noone had anything left to give! One of the worst 5k races I have done! (Simon)
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1st women's VIII, Novice VIIIs

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