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University IVs 1998

1st men's IV (1st division)

Coxed by: Julia Gog

1st round
Beat Churchill II (34s)
With us chasing, they never really stood a chance, and we caught them in the Gut, having to easy around Grassy, and thereafter not having a very hard race. 34 secs was not representative; it would have been well over a minute if we had been leading. (Rich)
Quarter finals
Beat Pembroke (26s)
Rowing much better than yesterday, we were 17s up at the Plough and never in danger. Things going well. (Rich)
Semi finals
Lost to LMBC (10s)
We always knew this would be a tough race, but after Maggie dead heated with Churchill on Tuesday, confidence was high and we were very keyed up. Unfortunately, headwind conditions did not help us; it felt rather like we were too highly geared (or maybe just tired), and we were 2s down at the Plough. A wide Ditton left us 5s down out of the corner and people's resolve then flagged. The Reach was not rowed well and Maggie stretched their lead to the finish. Gutted. (Rich)

1. The first IV approac...

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