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14th Jun '04Finding new picturesby mcp
I've changed the gallery front page so that it shows all pictures added in the last fortnight.

With so many pictures being added to the photo gallery in several places at once I thought it had become difficult to find all the new ones!

I am thinking of expanding this so that you can navigate through the pictures in the order in which they have been added using the arrows.

(btw, also personal bumps aggregate info has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who alerted us to this.)
by Dubya - Mon 14th Jun 2004, 1:58pm
When is the rowers league table ordered according to (a) number of races for the club per term they've been at Trinity, and (b) expected final average bumps record, going to be added? For the latter, we should use the club's aggregate bumps record to approximate a prior distribution, so as to appropriately re-weight the records of those who haven't done bumps very long. We also need league tables for the 100m, 10m, and 10sec tests, for the Pickards among us (and, these days, for Pia and Erica)!
by Ingers - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 3:54pm
I think we need a FaT set of Top Trumps. Categories could include:

- # of bumps races
- total net bumps record
- Novice year
- Ergo score (This would be % of WR time so lwts and women will not be disadvantaged)
- Height
- Weight (although I can imagine some of the less fit people may have an issue with this)
by gf - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 4:42pm
Would certainly improve on the old game of ARA card trumps - "letters in surname" was always a bit unsatisfactory as a category.
by Martin - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 5:03pm
Ingers said: I think we need a FaT set of Top Trumps. Categories could include ...
Yes, I would like to start thinking about what can be made of all the data we have on here.

Any other ideas are welcome - post here or email
by mjb - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 5:05pm
The only way to choose top trump categories is a democratic web poll ...
I've thought of a few more potential categories.
by dw229 - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 5:19pm
I'm not sure weight is a valid category by itself - it should be allied to ergo score to produce a power/weight ratio.
by Ingers - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 6:13pm
I disagree, Dan. Much fun was always had in Top Trumps over the fact that the two are often correlated and so you have the decision of whether a Byrne or a Rickards is the Top Trump.
by Far away ex-captain - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 10:55pm
Clearly there should be a section for longest chin-up chicken time, shortest time to eat 6 Jaffa Cakes, most glasses of wine drunk during Crew Hall, lard consumption, connectivity on the incest chart, and other non-strictly-rowing activities!

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