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Most Significant Victory?
Which First and Third victory was the most significant in recent times?
1998 Lents (Men)  9%
1998 HORR (Novice)  0%
2000 Lents (Men)  6%
2007 Lents (Men)  0%
2007 Lents (Women)  17%
2007 Fairbairn's (Men)  6%
2008 Lents (Men)  0%
2008 Lents (Women)  0%
2008 Fairbairn's (Men)  0%
2008 Mays (Men)  43%
2009 Lents (Men)  0%
2009 HORR (Halladay)  11%
2009 Mays (Men)  3%
2009 Fairbairn's (Women)  3%
? Other (Please specify)  3%
Total: 35 members' votes
by Tom C - Tue 8th Dec 2009, 9:14pm
2007 Champs Head, obviously.
by Rachel - Tue 8th Dec 2009, 9:34pm
and the following elections...
by someone in the seconds - Mon 4th Jan 2010, 10:16pm
I'm assuming the 2008 Mays (Men) option refers to the mighty seconds, who gallantly rowed over in the last race of the last day to secure the Mitchell Cup?
by M2 veteran - Wed 6th Jan 2010, 5:50pm
hear hear

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