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What are the most annoying things about using non boat club gyms?
Anyone who's ever used a gym - even a posh one - in the holidays will have come across some of these...
People who can't row to the extent that it's painful rather than funny  41%
Fat smelly people wearing inappropriate kit to erg in thus showing the room their ugly butt cracks when they erg  18%
The fact that there are 100s of running machines but only 3 ergs stuck in the corner  35%
The fact that you can't see the tv's from the ergs  41%
People who look at you like you're mad when you spend more than 3 minutes on the erg  24%
No bench pull  53%
The ranks of sad looking people on the running machines - why don't they go for a proper run  24%
Lack of natural light as the gym is always in the basement  12%
People who sit on weights machines in between their reps and just stare into space - don't they know some of us are in a hurry!!!  18%
People who don't have the faintest clue about rowing telling you that you've got useless technique  18%
Something else - see below  29%
Total: 17 members' votes
by Rich - Mon 16th Aug 2004, 12:48am
It hugely irritates me that gyms put a maximum length of time that you can spend on CV equipment. What is the point of erging / running / cycling for 15mins?!
by Dubya - Mon 16th Aug 2004, 12:19pm
I don't find all this annoying, just vaguely amusing...
by Tom C - Mon 16th Aug 2004, 1:32pm
So many annoyances not on the list:
-you can't put your own music on and are forced to listen to shit like robbie williams
-the air conditioning is always crap and you can't open the big doors or take your clothes off. but to be fair its still cooler than outside in the summer, hence the "sad-looking" people on the treadmills who just don't want to sweat to death and get covered in evil midges
-its well expensive
-it closes at about 10pm

But there's lots of good things:
-Decent showers, sauna etc.
-Bench press with enough weight that you can use both arms
-water coolers
-well-positioned mirrors
-girls to look at
by dw229 - Tue 17th Aug 2004, 10:00am
Not just girls to look at, girls in gym gear...

Has anyone who reads this ever pulled in a gym? Perhaps another poll?
by Martin - Sat 21st Aug 2004, 3:32pm
Tom C said: you can't open the big doors or take your clothes off
This would definitely get my first vote. Generally speaking public gyms have rules, which suck. These are sufficiently good reasons to never go!

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