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JPD is Officially Amazing Neil T, Tue 4th Feb, 7:53am
It's not Tetris, but it is another BPBC world record.
More of our history on sale on eBay Simon, Sat 16th Nov, 10:19pm
Pope recalls joy and 'choppy waters' Peter, Thu 28th Feb, 12:10am
Pope acknowledges importance of Bumps?
Bridge Painted the Wrong Colour jpd, Sat 26th Nov, 10:19pm
One night and no road closures should suffice.
Performance impact of losing mid-race Simon, Mon 24th Oct, 9:03pm
Proof that over-optimistic whistles in Bumping races just help the opposition... (3 comments...)
Fail... Peter, Fri 26th Nov, 1:13am
HRR scarf Simon, Sat 6th Nov, 4:04pm
Yes I know our proper scarf is simple navy blue, but it's good to see HRR acknowledge the colours of the first ever Grand winners.
Search story Simon, Mon 18th Oct, 10:47pm
I'm sure you can all do better...
Rowers attacked by sea lion Charley, Thu 14th Oct, 8:16pm
At least the angry swan never took a chunk out of the boat...
At least we're not as bad as France Neil T, Fri 25th Jun, 8:42pm
Some pre-emptive therapy, just in case Sunday doesn't go to plan...
Suggested improvement to World Cup rules I understand offside, honest, Wed 23rd Jun, 5:00pm
In the 1994 carribean cup Barbados were playing Grenada. Barbados had to win by 2 goals to go through otherwise Grenada would go through. Quirky rules (matches must have an outright winner; sudden death goals counted double) meant that in the final mintues Barbados, realising that they wouldn't score to bring the result to 3-1 instead deliberately scored an own goal to force extra time and sudden death. Grenada, realising what was happening then tried to score an own goal to get the margin back to a one goal win for Barbados. So for the last five minutes of the match, each team was defending their opposition's goal, trying to prevent own goals being scored. Barbados suceeded in forcing extra time and won 4-2 during sudden death. That's even more amusing than watching people in the bar watch England play.
Hitler finds out he didn't win Bumpit BJ, Fri 18th Jun, 11:34am
For those who haven't already seen this on the messageboards, this is brilliant.
FaT NM2 beat Magdalene NM1 Mark, Wed 2nd Dec, 1:02am
0:58 - listen to Lovering's cry of encouragement from the 2 seat!
Space Shuttle Video Dan, Sun 29th Nov, 11:12am
An awesome video.
Big Ben Simon, Mon 23rd Nov, 1:04pm
sh*tmydadsays JDT, Mon 31st Aug, 11:41pm
Some poor teenage boy twitters various quotes from his dad.
A bumps story Simon, Fri 12th Jun, 8:27am
Front page of Rowing magazine, from 1960 RTT, Thu 11th Jun, 8:48am
So, have the allegations changed in the last fifty years? (1 comment...)
Malt loaf BJ, Wed 10th Jun, 12:42pm
Christ Church boat-burning BJ, Sun 7th Jun, 6:28pm
Something else we do better at Trinity.
Rate my countryside Simon, Sat 11th Apr, 6:54pm
Please contribute. (The Land Economist in me wishes he had had the data that this is going to produce...)
Aerial footage Phil, Sat 7th Mar, 10:25am
Surely someone in the club, past or present, can fly one of these things (Neil? ;). Could be pretty cool during bumps... (2 comments...)
Sliding riggers Mark, Thu 1st Jan, 11:48pm
For some reason Youtube recommended this video to me (I can only assume from searching for the W1 Lents 2007 video a while ago).

Out of interest is anyone able to explain why this boat has sliding riggers - does it give an advantage, and if so, why? (16 comments...)
Rowopoly JDT, Thu 1st Jan, 1:15am
We need to play this at the rowing sleep-over people have been chatting about doing.
Peck would have done better... BJ, Wed 17th Dec, 5:55pm
As advertised on Prime Minister's Questions.
An unfortunate start to a race Mark, Sat 6th Dec, 4:48pm
Windy Day on Hill jmg, Tue 28th Oct, 9:42am
Slow news day elsewhere. Check out the quote half way down the page (1 comment...)
Bored at Work Jon, Sat 11th Oct, 1:06pm
Thought this might be appropriate.
How many London busses... Simon, Fri 22nd Aug, 10:04am
BPBC has previously discussed the use of objects such as the Titanic for comparisons of volume. Here's the BBC admitting that they have some favourite items for odd comparisons...
Large Hadron Rap dw229, Tue 12th Aug, 5:50pm
CERN's latest discovery.
Water on Mars! dw229, Thu 31st Jul, 10:49pm
NASA has just announced the discovery of water on Mars.
Rowing whilst drunk never works... Mark, Tue 1st Jul, 9:01am
Polar Rose jmg, Fri 30th May, 11:48am
Still in private beta unfortunately, but you can still sign up for an account.

The browser plug-in recognises (but doesn't yet identify) faces on any webpage you visit, allowing you to tag them with their name. That information then becomes part of the public database which you can search for people by name, and find out who's been photographed with whom...
Japanese boathouse Simon, Tue 13th May, 3:23pm
CERN dw229, Sat 10th May, 3:39pm
This is from a brilliant website that gives you photography and sound from some really cool places!

Also check out:

Commissioning the CMS detector

The Atlas detector

The Mars Express control room in Darmstadt
Stomp - The sequel Mark, Fri 9th May, 8:58pm
Looks like a beefed up version of the Stomp... (1 comment...)
Tideway hazards Simon, Wed 27th Feb, 8:08am
From Rebecca Caroe (of Rob Roy)'s blog: ahead of the Tideway Head season, a useful guide to the Tideway hazards, as drawn by her crew's cox.
Radio 4 programme about rowing Simon, Wed 13th Feb, 8:00am
This will only be available until early evening on 14 Feb, so listen soon. Stuff about what makes a good team, and the boat race, is from about 11 minutes in. A copy has been saved on the desktop of the boathouse computer.
How to crash Simon, Mon 4th Feb, 9:51pm
Reminds me of that Peter Brandt video... (1 comment...)
Rowing commercial Mark, Fri 1st Feb, 10:28pm
Just wondered if M1 would consider doing what these guys do at 1:08 in the film at their next outing...
Heavyweight rowing Mark, Fri 1st Feb, 1:40am
Someone likes us Simon, Sat 19th Jan, 1:11pm
Nice to see Maidenhead RC highlighting our site for our guide to coxing. (5 comments...)
Riverside traffic management measures BJ, Tue 4th Dec, 11:20am
Click on the link at the top right to vote on whether or not Riverside should be closed to cars.
Fairbairns Archives BJ, Sat 1st Dec, 4:24pm
Look at the 'Senior VIII's 1990 onwards' section - are Jesus censoring the years we win?
Is Fatboy Slim a DJ? Simon, Thu 29th Nov, 11:08am
A cox's worst nightmare Mark, Fri 23rd Nov, 8:26pm
You can even see the strokeman thrown right out! (3 comments...)
Something else at which to beat Oxford Simon, Mon 19th Nov, 9:44am
Why? I'll tell you why. Seriously tempted, Sun 18th Nov, 8:55pm
#1 Really? Can't say I've noticed.
#2 I'm glad their bops are as disgusting as ours.
#3 I don't make very much of it. (1 comment...)
Cambridge Rowing Messageboards BJ, Wed 17th Oct, 1:14pm
Now in a new location.
Baconsalt Simon, Mon 1st Oct, 8:33pm

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