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Slime Volleyball gf, Thu 10th Jan, 5:57pm
Infuriating but fun. (5 comments...)
How long have you got? ccsi, Wed 9th Jan, 2:05pm
Find out when you'll fall off your perch.

I will apparently kick the bucket on May 17 2058, aged 81. Most likely of cancer or heart disease. (although a 5% homicide chance!) (11 comments...)
Bushwhacked! dw229, Wed 9th Jan, 10:45am
Quite old now, but a classic realaudio file, courtesy of Chris Morris.
The Crocodile Hunter
http://www.crocodilehunter.comfrom Simon, Wed 2nd Jan, 11:25am
Strewth! Little blighter... you see, if I just poke this dangerous snake with a stick, he gets angry...
Every Rule You'll Ever Need
http://www.everyrule.comfrom Simon, Mon 31st Dec, 11:17am
A useful little site for settling arguments - nb the 'Shotgun' rules and the massive list of drinking game rules.

I've asked them to add the bumps. (4 comments...)
So You've Been Dumped
http://www.soyouvebeendumped.comfrom Simon, Mon 31st Dec, 11:05am
Does exactly what it says in the title.
Dictionary News Simon, Fri 21st Dec, 3:07pm
Good to see that the races are in the Dictionary. Tragically, no sign of the Mays.
Pun of the Day Simon, Fri 21st Dec, 12:12pm
The source of my powers...
Black Prince chainmail gf, Thu 20th Dec, 6:08pm
One for the KSS, methinks.
Black Prince launcher gf, Thu 20th Dec, 6:07pm
Black Prince - "As good as Atlas Agena". Which is nice to know.
Find out your personality type Psychologist Chris, Tue 18th Dec, 12:51pm
A bit sad, but this is normally quite accurate and insightful. I reckon I will not be the only INTP type on this list (even though it's a very rare type on a national basis). (16 comments...)
The Rowing Vortal
http://www.rowingvortal.comfrom Rich, Thu 6th Dec, 11:05am
The new funky bit of the rowing service - particularly recommended are the video clips (Fun/Humour/Video Clips), not much to do with rowing, but pretty amusing in some cases (2 comments...)
Olympic Golds at Trinity Martin, Thu 29th Nov, 12:48pm
A list of Olympic Gold Medallists of Trinity College, including 11 for rowing. (1 comment...)
Ronglish gf, Wed 21st Nov, 4:31pm
Sadly not yet an option on the MML Tripos.
Spank the Monkey sat, Fri 16th Nov, 5:41pm
How fast can you spank yours?!!
Bananaman dw229, Thu 15th Nov, 10:48pm
A must for all Bananaman fans out there. Includes downloadable theme tune!
Word oddities and trivia gf, Thu 15th Nov, 2:11pm
Includes the fantastic solutomaattimittaamotulos and dord. (2 comments...)
Smilie Games gf, Thu 15th Nov, 9:56am
Good apart from the racing game, which is too bloody difficult.
TV Go Home gf, Thu 15th Nov, 9:51am
Home of the infamous Nathan Barley.
The Tideway Slug gf, Thu 15th Nov, 9:50am
Gossip and goings-on from down London way. (2 comments...)

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