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4th Oct '02Start the term!by ACL
The term will kick off with a meeting in K9 Whewell's Court at 6pm on Sunday 6th October. This will be a chance to sign up and get to know about the races, training programme and coaches for Michealmas. Be sure to bring your diaries for the first week's outings!
16th Sep '02Men's Training Campby AHLF
There will be a training camp for all members of the men's boat club in the week from the 29th September until the 4th October. It should provide a great opportunity to get back into the swing of things after the Summer break, and will be a good time to get in some serious training so that we can destroy LMBC in the Fairbairns.

The training camp will start with a meeting in E1 Great Court at 6pm on the Sunday. If you want to get in touch with me to ask any questions, my email address is, and my mobile phone number is 07989 555342.

I hope to see many of you there! (1 reply...)
16th Sep '02Women's Training Campby ACL
This is a great opportunity to row without the pressures of Term looming overhead as well as to refine your technique and improve your fitness under expert coaching while the Cam is quiet. It is a good chance for anyone who wants to try out for the top boats next term to get into shape before crew selection for the Uni IVs races.

The camp will begin with a meeting in K9 Whewells Court on Sunday 29th September at 6pm to arrange the first few outings and will run until 4th October. If you'd like to join us a bit later in the camp, just e-mail acl37 or phone 07764 475418! Hope to see you there!
26th Jun '021st & 3rd vs BP cricketby nat
Last Sunday, First and Third played the Black Prince Boat Club (our old boys) at cricket, in the idyllic surroundings of Madingley. The match was a titanic struggle, swinging back and forth throughout the afternoon, but First and Third eventually won a tremendous battle by 69 runs to record victory in the inaugural match of what it is hoped will become an annual fixture.

See the Results page (or click here) for a full report, and the official scorecard.
19th Jun '02Michaelmas Training Campby jpd
Contact Andrew Fisher (ahlf2 - Men's Captain) or Alex Lee (acl37 - Women's Captain) if you would like to attend. Coaching will be provided from Sunday 29th September through to Friday 4th October. We hope as many of you will take advantage of this as possible, since it is a great opportunity to improve very quickly. We will be entirely on the Cam, and Mr. Coleman says it is not too late to change the date you want to come back up.
19th May '02Election Resultsby mcp
From what I have heard so far of Paul Whiting's speech, it is just as well that I was absent from the elections this afternoon - but for the rest of you unfortunate enought to miss them today the results are as follows:

Overall Captain:
A. Fisher - 32
A Lee - 17
A. Fisher elected

Men's Captain:
A.Fisher - 28
J. Fields - 3
RoN - 2
A Fisher elected

Women's Captain:
A Lee - 14
A Lee elected

P Whiting - 48
RoN - q
P Whiting elected

Colvin/Chamberlain/Zhang/ Holland - 31

Warren/Kumeta/Adams/Legrand - 11

I Edwards - 45

M Byrne - 47
RoN 2
M Byrne elected

J. Davies - 45
RoN - 1

In cases where no indication is given the only candidates won and no votes were given to RoN.
12th Apr '02May Term Campaignby mcp
A large squad of the club's top oarsmen are leaving this weekend for a week in Dublin, where they will be training and competing in the Trinity Regatta next Saturday. (A second page of information about it is here.)
Others remaining in Cambridge or coming up early will be rowing on the Cam.

Last term's squads, which achieved good results across the board, will be strengthened by the support of our University level oarsmen and are looking forward to this term with confidence.
The club hopes to regain a great deal of the ground lost in last year's May Bumps come the end of term.

If you are interested in rowing this term to any extent, be sure to email as soon as possible!
19th Feb '022002 University Crewsby mcp
The University crews for racing Oxford have almost been finalised - sealing the fate of the 9 people from Trinity who have been trialling this year.

Steph Richards, last year's 1st men's cox who noviced here two and a half years ago, and Simon Knight continue to do very well trialling for places in the Blue boat or Goldie (the heavyweight men's 2nd boat) at CUBC. Unfortunately it seems likely that Simon may be in 'spare pair' (who are reserves in case of injury of another oarsmen), but we await the official press announcement on March 4th.

Simon Case, this year's president of the men's lightweights, will row in the lightweights' first boat. Tom Rose narrowly missed out out on a place in that crew, but will join Joe Grundy and possibly John Earl (depending on further selection) in Granta, the 2nd crew. Neil Talbott is a spare; it is thought he would have been firmly placed in a crew were it not for serious injury recently.

Finally, Alex Lee is to cox the women's lightweights and Sarah Taylor is a Blondie (women's 2nd crew) and lightweights spare.

We wish them all the best for the last few weeks of preparation. Goldie races 30 minutes before the Blue boat on the Thames, and the other crews race at Henley a week before on the 24th March.
1st Feb '02BPBC v FaT Cricket 2002by MAC
Last year, we floated the idea of a cricket match between FaT and BPBC. Owing to a lack of planning and, consequently, enough players, the match stayed purely in the realms of the imagination and never reached the wicket.

This year will be different. Black Prince already have a team - we are already strggling to work out which bowlers we shall have to "rest" for the fixture.

I have provisionally booked the very scenic pitch at Madingley, 3 miles outside Cambridge, adjacent to the excellent Three Horseshoes pub, for Sunday 9th June. It's a good wicket, suited to all types of bowling.

Being the weekend before the Bumps, FaT should be fully available that day and will find cricket an excellent way to rest their aching limbs from incessant Grind pieces.

Format for the match is yet to be decided - and will be done by consultation between the two sides - possible plans are either 1 innings per side (30-40 overs) or 2 innings per side (2 x 20 overs). Tea will be laid on, umpires provided etc etc...the full works.

Black Prince BC CC greatly looks forward to meeting FaT CC on that occasion.
23rd Nov '01Men's 2k ergo challengeby jwe
In the new vein of challenges resulting in prizes, I am offering a bottle of wine to the man whose 2k on Tuesday shows greatest improvement on the start of term (in watts). The current leader is Dan Walker, who in the 4 weeks of the last training cycle improved by 20.8 watts, followed closely by Dan Jane with 19 watts. (2 replies...)
28th Nov '01BPBC crews for Fridayby mcp
Ok, with BPBC (First and Third old boys) crews for Friday shaping up (see latest post from the buffers), it's time to get going on your guesstimate for the relative times of BPBC and FaT!
With plenty of May colours on board you think BPBC should go pretty swiftly, but to what extent will three weeks of rowing as crews benefit First and Third?
If you've no idea just have a guess anyway and maybe win a bottle of wine out of it for Saturday night...
22nd Nov '01Clare Novice Regattaby mcp
The Clare Novice Regatta runs from today through to Saturday. It is great fun to row in and good to watch too - get down there and support our crews!
Here are the times of our races. "Marshalling" times are at Chesterton - these races could be expected to run perhaps 15 mins after this time.
Men's 1st & 2nd VIIIs
   Marshalling at
   Sat. 10, 12:30, 1:20, 2:10, 3:00
Men's 3rd VIII
   Racing at Thur. 2:00
   Marshalling at Thur. 3:20
                  Sat. 10:50, 2:10, 3:00
Men's 4th VIII
   Marshalling at Thur. 2:30, 3:20
                  Sat. 10:50, 2:10, 3:00
Men's 5th VIII
   Racing at Thur. 2:00
   Marshalling at Thur. 2:30, 3:20
                  Sat. 10:50, 2:10, 3:00
Women's 1st VIII
   Marshalling at
   Sat. 8:20, 11:40, 3:20, 2:10, 3:00
Women's 2nd VIII
   Marshalling at Fri. 2:30, 3:20
                  Sat. 10:50, 2:10, 3:00
Good luck everyone! (1 reply...)
19th Nov '01Indoor Erg Championshipsby mcp
Thanks to Matthew Byrne for this brief resume of times from the BIRC. Tom's time in particular is a good improvement on his previous Personal Best.
5.38.3 World Record

5.47.5 Matthew Pinsent
5.47.6 James Cracknell

6.32.7 Simon Kinigit (trialling CUBC)
6.38.9 Tom Rose (trialling lightweights)
6.47.1 Joe Grundy (trialling lightweights)
6.49.2 John Earl (trialling lightweights)
6.54.4 Graham Fisher (old boy, left 1999)
7.58.2 Sarah Taylor (trialling lightweights)

If you want to find out more about it, the Concept II BIRC website is here.
25th Oct '01Autumn Head restoredby jwe
After giving out to everyone that the Autumn Head would be cancelled yesterday, the news went out this morning that the event would still be run.
24th Oct '01Conditions Updateby jwe
Autumn Head organisers Rob Roy have said that the racing will be cancelled; it also appears that the Cam Conservancy are not optimistic for the flood watch to come off before Sunday.
22nd Oct '01Tideway Training Campby mcp
Two men's IVs and one women's have spent the weekend training on the tideway in London. Previous captain's Matt Arnold ('98) and James Leake ('95) coached, making use of a Thames Rowing Club launch and video camera. And the club's new IV made its maiden voyage - surviving despite being steered by me, thankfully ;-)
The two days have been peculiarly devoid of major disaster - the worst it got was JPD's car filling with a couple of inches of water as the river side road flooded at the top of the tide on Saturday.
15th Oct '01T-Shirts!!!by dw
The kit order includes t-shirts which should have something exciting on the back. But what?

Suggestions to me pronto please.
(3 replies...)
16th Oct '01Kit Orderby dw
(inside college)
(outside college)

...for information. (1 reply...)
30th Sep '01Steering Committee meetsby jwe
The committee met to discuss how to improve the performance of the top end of the Club's men's squad. Adrian Cassidy, chief coach of CULRC, and Peter Brandt, President of the Club, provided very useful input and guidance, which have led to a set of key changes to the structure of the men's squads, the teaching of novices, and the coaching infrastructure for men's rowing. Further details will be distributed at Committee and Men's meetings in the next couple of days.
19th Sep '01MEN'S TRAINING CAMP MTGby jwe
Men's training camp meeting will be held at 6pm in E1 Great Court on Sunday 23 September. Anyone eligible to row for 1st & 3rd (ie, all members of college in statu pupillari) is invited. Those who provided me with their addresses before going down will have received letters, but even those who have not received letters should come if they want to row this term!

Note that if you miss this meeting but are available during training camp week (week to 30 September), then you should get in touch with me as soon as possible to let me know your plans. Note, it's not necessary to come to training camp in order to row the University IVs or Fairbairns this term, but it's highly recommended.

Information on the start of the term's rowing proper will be forthcoming.

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