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Radegund Mile Head Race, May Term 2022

TCADS (Trinity College Assisted Drifting Society) (College VIIIs)

Coxed by: Luke Barratt

1st M3 3rd in Lower Mays Div
Time: 7:33
Sam was subbing for Jonathan, Oscar was only just back from a trip to hospital and it was Andrew's first time on bowside but a considerably better result than last week's head to head. If we continue to improve at this rate we'll beat the blues boat in a fortnight.

Immediately off the start line Andrew caught a crab. With minor crabs then caught by Jakob.

Sophie and Thomas' appearance in the reach didn't only raise our heart rates but also caused 3 members of the boat to break focus to take a look at them.

We were only 26 seconds behind our M2a which is obviously down to our lack of a crew pasta and without the morning crew maccies. If we had the empacher and better blades we could be M2b.

(Andrew Farquharson)

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