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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2019

2nd men's VIII (Open Eights (Band 4))

Coxed by: Kerem Ergene

7th, (+00:28) to Queen's M1
Time: 6:45
While our first race was bad in terms of the number of subs, the subbing of a sub meant that only three of the rowers were actually in their usual positions for our second race.

The story of the race was similar to that of the first but with substantially less of the rhythmic coughing that characterised the first. The tiredness of having already raced once showed and, while the rate was kept high, the stroke length was not. Missed catches, and missed strokes, ultimately lead to the time being 13 seconds slower than the first race.

At least we kept our boat hole-free...
(K. Ergene)

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