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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2019

A 2000m timed head race on the Great Ouse
Sun 10th February

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1st women's VIII, Women's Eights (Band 3)

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1st men's VIII, Open Eights (Band 2)

4th, (+00:12) to Downing M1
Time: 6:06
After the first race, we had a brief break where we discussed potential improvements, and paddled straight back up with renewed commitment. There was a slight mishap coming through the first bridge (some unpleasant blade clashing) but we still managed to get a rate up in time, and this time the commitment and rhythm was there throughout and we had no problems with the rate. 

All the pushes through each of the bridges were fantastic and we ended up matching our time for the first race - some really promising results from a crew which still has a lot of speed to gain. 
(D. Lee)
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1st men's VIII, Open Eights (Band 3)

Fastest in Category
Time: 6:06
First race of the day, and the first race for the crew this term - nerves ran high. Perhaps slightly too aware that we were entered in two consecutive divisions, our start (admittedly, something we've never practiced all term) didn't feel as committed as it could be, and we struggled to get the rate up high. In response, the entire crew decided to rush the slide to create an artificial rate which resulted in a fairly unpleasant rowing experience. I am not sure what I was doing in the race but it couldn't have been very good rowing as both my forearms blew around a kilometer in. 

It was a pretty scrappy row and to be honest we were quite surprised at the pleasantly fast time - probably a testament to all the ergs we've been doing throughout the term!
(D. Lee)
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2nd men's VIII, Open Eights (Band 3)

3rd, (+00:26) to First and Third M1
Time: 6:32
A pleasantly high result given the circumstances. The race fell midway through a bout of illness that hit the crew, meaning the crew had two subs for the race—one of which was ill themselves.

In the actual race, the rate didn't come up quite as quickly as we'd have liked, but we kept it fairly punchy for the first 1.2 km. Unfortunately, at this point, the after-effects of a week of illness started to show; the power started to drain and my coughing, albeit rhythmic, did little to motivate the crew.

The overall time wasn't representative of our speed, but it wasn't too disappointing relative to other crews who were competing.
(K. Ergene)
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2nd men's VIII, Open Eights (Band 4)

7th, (+00:28) to Queen's M1
Time: 6:45
While our first race was bad in terms of the number of subs, the subbing of a sub meant that only three of the rowers were actually in their usual positions for our second race.

The story of the race was similar to that of the first but with substantially less of the rhythmic coughing that characterised the first. The tiredness of having already raced once showed and, while the rate was kept high, the stroke length was not. Missed catches, and missed strokes, ultimately lead to the time being 13 seconds slower than the first race.

At least we kept our boat hole-free...
(K. Ergene)
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1st women's VIII, Women's Eights (Band 2)

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