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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2019

2nd men's VIII (Open Eights (Band 3))

Coxed by: Kerem Ergene

3rd, (+00:26) to First and Third M1
Time: 6:32
A pleasantly high result given the circumstances. The race fell midway through a bout of illness that hit the crew, meaning the crew had two subs for the race—one of which was ill themselves.

In the actual race, the rate didn't come up quite as quickly as we'd have liked, but we kept it fairly punchy for the first 1.2 km. Unfortunately, at this point, the after-effects of a week of illness started to show; the power started to drain and my coughing, albeit rhythmic, did little to motivate the crew.

The overall time wasn't representative of our speed, but it wasn't too disappointing relative to other crews who were competing.
(K. Ergene)

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