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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2019

1st men's VIII (Open Eights (Band 2))

Coxed by: Maelle-Marie Troadec
Coached by: Steve Harris

4th, (+00:12) to Downing M1
Time: 6:06
After the first race, we had a brief break where we discussed potential improvements, and paddled straight back up with renewed commitment. There was a slight mishap coming through the first bridge (some unpleasant blade clashing) but we still managed to get a rate up in time, and this time the commitment and rhythm was there throughout and we had no problems with the rate. 

All the pushes through each of the bridges were fantastic and we ended up matching our time for the first race - some really promising results from a crew which still has a lot of speed to gain. 
(D. Lee)

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