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May Bumps 2018

3rd men's VIII

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Rachel Grewcock

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Alan Sun

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Rachel Grewcock

Bumped by Clare III
An unexpected crosswind put the bows in the wrong place and being on the end of the chain left little room for manoeuvring, in hindsight we should have got 7 to back it a bit or made bow pair two foot taller so they could have taken strokes further round the front. The net result of these issues was a somewhat sub-optimal starting position.

When the start gun went the crew went off hard, they had a massive 4 strokes and were on course to intersect the apex of first post corner nicely. Unfortunately, as anyone familiar with the river will know, the intersection of the straight line between station 15 and first post corner with the bank is non-empty.

Having taken the aforementioned four strokes it was remembered that eights are less effective at traversing fields than they are rivers and the crew were forced to stop and park in some trees with Clare rowing past and claiming the bump.

(MC Row(e))
Whoops. (A.M.L. Sun)
Bumped by Emmanuel III
A better push off this time resulted in the crew pointing in the right direction and they got off to a flying start. Unfortunately Emma were faster and consistently moved into half a length. A committed push by the guys held them off for a bit but eventually the bump came about half way down first post reach.

They pulled in and having seen the last crew go through, pushed off again ready to go; the very epitome of efficiency. Around this point a rather incompetent umpire announced that we would have to pull in again. After all sitting on the correct side of an empty river ready to row back was a terribly dangerous place to be, what if a barge spontaneously appeared despite a 400m line-of-sight in both directions? So they pulled in again and waited for a more competent umpire to conclude that the likelihood of rogue barges with rocket engines was rather low.

(MC Row(e))
Bumped by Wolfson II
Definitely the best rowing I've seen the guys do. They had a committed paddle down, a good practise start and hit the race with great intensity. They held a good rhythm throughout however Wolfson closed consistently and got the bump on first post reach.

Sadly Wolfson were one of the fastest crews in the division and are currently up 7 with a decent chance of bumping tomorrow so being bumped by them is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Best of luck for tomorrow guys, take the intensity from today and row away from Caius!
(MC Row(e))

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