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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2018

2nd men's VIII (Open Eights (Band 4))

Coxed by: Marcus Roberts
Coached by: Jacqui Round

4th (+00:19) to Jesus M2
Time: 6:38
A hard and satisfying pair of 2Ks. Todays races were our third as an M2 crew, following on Head-to-Head and Newnham short course, and while direct comparisons are hard, it did seem like we met or exceeded our previous standard, especially in the second race. Our times for the two were nearly identical, marking the balance between scrappy keenness in the first and finessed endurance in the second. That, despite taking the second as a chance to practice a more bumps-like pacing, aiming to blow by the 1500. All in all it was a pleasant day out, if a bit cold (Jamie in particular went a bit blue), and good prep for our first regatta, next weekends, at Pembroke. (A.J.O. Lewis)

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