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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2018

2nd men's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Kristina Bifani

Time: 15:39.7

27th of January 2018, a day that shall live in infamy at least in the mind of Lent M2 crew, for it was the baptism of fire for what has been called a very fast M2, possibly the fastest there has ever been. Work started well before the race. After a heated debate and a careful consideration of every nook and cranny of the river, under the leadership of Jacqui and Kristina, a plan was drawn up. But then, it started to rain. Although it is true that bad weather can wear down even the toughest, it did not have any effect on our heroes, for they carry the heart of a lion inside them. It would be a mistake to describe the first leg of M2 with any other word except - heroic. Getting off from a choppy start, the crew managed to concentrate their effort in the second half of the course and went for a push. Victory was at hand, but then, a disaster blade popped out of a gate. This was clearly a sabotage of the dreaded Maggie. Nevertheless, M2 finished with honour. Between first and second leg, Petr shared some biscuits, with a questionable nutritional value but with invaluable positive effect on the crews morale. Second leg required our heroes to row directly into a headwind. Whole crew felt confident throughout the race and went for a push 500m before the finish, this time uninterrupted. When the day was finished M2 received 5th place. A good result no doubt and a solid base for Bumps training.


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