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May Bumps 2015

The famous Cambridge University May Bumps on the River Cam
Wed 10th - Sat 13th June

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1st women's VIII Rowed over Rowed over Rowed over Bumped Clare
1st men's VIII Rowed over Bumped Jesus Bumped by Jesus Rowed over
2nd men's VIII Bumped by Wolfson Rowed over Bumped Christ's II Bumped Downing II
2nd women's VIII Bumped Girton II Bumped St. Catharine's II Bumped Selwyn II Bumped Emmanuel III
3rd men's VIII Bumped by Robinson II Bumped by Churchill II Bumped by Trinity Hall II Bumped by Magdalene II
4th men's VIII Bumped Trinity Hall III Bumped Queens' IV Rowed over as sandwich boat Rowed over Head Bumped Christ's III as sandwich boat Rowed over

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st women's VIII

Rowed over
Rowed over! Felt fine and chilled the whole way down, good starts and bursts. Nerves hit me at the four minute gun when my brain finally realised that we're doing this again, despite many previous vows  of "never again".
Good start, especially given that it was from the outflow. We apparently closed on Jesus slightly off the start but never got to any whistleable distance. Newnham starting closing from about First post corner. We took our Plough reach burn which felt good but had little effect as they were taking a push as well. Coming around Ditton they looked worryingly close from my 5th seat. A couple of strokes out of Ditton, they were maybe a canvas away, we took our bumps push, big legs and then raising the rate by a few pips. The push was SUPER EFFECTIVE, pushing Newnham away to about station at the kink. Then it was a, although slightly painful, cakewalk to top finish where they were about two three lengths off.  

It was one of those rows where you just kinda know that they're never gone get you. YAY

(B. Kesek)
I was nervous before this race. Really really nervous. I was either going to burst into tears, throw up, or pass out as we rowed down. To my surprise none of those things happened. Sitting on the start line, when the gun went things went quickly, having a good start which moved up on Jesus. Newnham also moved up on us but a push down plough reach saw us open up a bit of distance and the rowing just got better from there. Another push at ditton and newnham died a death. We rowed happily down the reach at a comfortable rhythm two lengths clear. On to tomorrow. (Imogen)
A slightly nervy first half of the race today, despite a strong start gaining on Jesus and very solid corners, Jesus were a fraction outside distance at the Plough and Newnham were  pushing hard and closed to within a quarter of length entering Ditton. Another good corner and a superb push out onto the reach and it was clear that Newnham's race plan didn't extend any further down the course. Everyone relaxed at this point and the rowing consequently improved, which bodes well for the entire course tomorrow!   (Jon)
From our vantage point opposite the Plough the kink in W1's line halfway down Plough Reach,  coupled with perspective shortening, made me think they were already having to steer evasively. As they came closer it became clear they had a little more space, but it shortened to a couple of feet of clear water as they turned in for Ditton and I thought that they would need some luck to survive the corner.  

Thankfully they survived to fight another day,  and hopefully have a shot at giving W1 2016 their first ever chance to aim at a Mays headship :-)  
A fairly textbook start despite being released from blade tips with 15" to go due to the outflow and strong tailwind. We moved on Jesus, who moved on Clare. We found our usual base, with Newnham slowly grinding us down at full whack behind. Fairly tight around the first 2 corners, a little wide around the 3rd for a possible escape with Newnham a little too close for comfort - too many times have I been the chasing crew only to have the enemy disappear and us to blow for us to not let them die a death on the inside. The semi-tactical puddles hitting their bows led to a crab, flawlessly timed with a push from us that would make even the spice man himself proud. Newnham were broken, and we just kept moving away for the rest of the course finishing several lengths clear. (mt)
Rowed over
Not bad, for a first shot at bumping for most of us in the boat. A significant change in tactics from the previous day, when we didn't get close enough to Jesus to really go into offensive mode.  
Good first half, according to plan, followed by intense second half, when bumps push after bumps push made us gain on Clare, but were not sustained enough to get us closer than canvas.  
As the bow girl, it was super frustrating to feel wash periodically, and we got to the point when I could hear their oars clicking when they feather, and make out their cox's words. But that never lasted more than a few strokes.  
Our pushes became less and less effective as we rowed down the reach, and by the time we heard the cheers of M1 between the railway bridge and the P&N, it was becoming clear that the bump was not going to happen. We focused on finishing the race without incident, with Newnham far behind, never a real threat.
We at least have the satisfaction of proving the predictions of the bumps program wrong, which saw us as "too high up the chart, and easy pickings for Newnham".  
Let's prove them wrong again tomorrow!
(Zoe W.)
Couldn't find the rabbit in the hat.  
(B. Kesek)
Much more aggression than yesterday. I think we pushed ourselves to a new limit today. We held onto our boat speed as we transitioned from our start far more effectively than in any short piece we've done this term. Steering the crew was always going to prove tricky with selection being forced so late, and so little time to get any real hard long pieces in as the crew before bumps. That said, if the right hand bends had Chris clenching on day 1, I hope he brought a change of underwear today. Grassy went wide to the exit, but still tighter than Clare - nothing that can't be remedied from the entry tomorrow. (mt)
Ow. Ow ow ow. Good start, great first half, couldn't quite seal the deal down the reach, painful row to the line with newnham miles behind. This was just the trial run. (Imogen)
Rowed over
Solid start, taking a good chunk out of Clare and holding Newnham and Christ's behind. Lost some momentum with a shaky first corner which shifted our focus onto defending from Newnham rather than attacking Clare. Newnham slowly crept up on us as they went hard for the bump in a bid to escape Christ's.

We had to start taking pushes up the Plough Reach with Newnham far too close to comfort behind. Rounding Ditton they kept up the pressure relentlessly and had gained an overlap. In what can only be described as a heroic refusal to give in we pushed on with mere inches in it for 200m.

A spent Newnham began to speedily fall back into the waiting clutches of Christ's, who had sneaked up on the far side of the river. It was a satisfying sight to watch Christ's veer halfway across the river into a defeated Newnham leaving us with a relaxed but tired row to the line.  

Tomorrow Christ's will be looking to do the same to us and we'll need to get Clare before they get us. Bring on the sprint.  
(S. Gibson)
I am disappointed we didn't get to do our "pre-bumps push" / chase the whistle move we had planned to do in order to move from half  to a quarter of a lentgth, as pressure from Newnham (themselves pressured from Christ) had us spent our bumps pushes on them. It would have been awesome to have a real shot at bumping Clare.  
Absence of panic even with overlap, and good steering by MT meant that we were able to move away, and Newnham blew.
Which is when Christ, who, until then, were steadily moving up on the towpath side of the Reach, veered and harpooned Newnham (according to PF, Christ thought we had been bumped and were moving for the overbump, and their bankparty had to be reminded to go for Newnham). After that, we tried to refocus our attention on Clare, but they were farther away than ideal, and we quickly realized the bump was not going to happen, so MT called for us to wind it down at the railway bridge, and we rowed slowly towards the finish line.  
Tomorrow will be a question of bumping Clare before Christ bumps us, so all-in for a sprint!
(Zoe W.)
Newnham, being hounded by Christ's, went back to their "Go Hard" strategy leading to a repeat of day 1 in terms of Newnham on us, and then a repeat of yesterday in terms of us on Clare. Highly unfortunate that we had to take our moves early to escape Newnham but Bumps is often unfair. Tomorrow we're back to a full strength crew (huge thank you to Julia Attwood for subbing) and we're going to fly. (mt)
Bumped Clare
Major congratulations from afar! You have made all of FaT very proud with this historic finish! Kate B-L
So, last day of bumps you sprint. It's a tradition as old as the stomp, bumpers, and all the other silly things we do this week. And we all know it doesn't work. You always end up blowing up and desperately having to push off the crew behind, if at all possible. Yet we still do it cause...tradition. Except today we didn't really have a choice. With christ's behind us hungry for blades, we knew we probably didn't stand much of a chance over 2.7km. So sprinting it was... yay.. The plan was to do the start per normal, and then just pick it up til we bump, racing to the Plough, where whatever was bound to happen would. Except we didn't make it there...
The start went down fine and I think we strode at some point, thought I didn't really notice it much as we'd already gotten our first whistle at that point. The ten on finishes after the stride brought us our second set of whistles, which I believed at the time to be some sort of ill conceived scheme, designed to trick us into... something. Anyway, coming around first post, MT called for our "second to none" bumps push and I figured that I might as well give it a go, even if the whistles are lying, given that we'd basically covered half the distance to the designated fate point already. And the whistles kept blowing. And blowing. And blowing. And then we held it up.  
Having chased them down the reach, coughing and vomiting  
on previous days, catching them in the gut without dying prolongely was AMAZING! Sprinting worked! We were stronger, hungrier and faster and so we bumped!
Excited about operation toast next year!!
(B. Kesek)
What an amazing result! A crew that has risen to the challenge and thrived under pressure over four seriously hard days of racing. So much potential for next year, but for now just bask in the glow of your richly deserved bump and highest ever position for a FaT 1st Women's VIII! (Jon)
To sprint, or not to sprint - that is the question. Luckily for us, Christ's made the decision pretty simple. We closed to a length on Clare in the latter stages of our start, closed to 1/2 in the middle of our transition push, a canvas in the middle of our push off 1/2 a length, and overlap as we reached the step in our bumps push. Somewhat mirroring the Grad VIII, it must be noted how incredibly distressing it is to have such well defined sequences, which everybody is familiar with, which work well, only for the gap to close so rapidly that the cue for the next move comes in the middle of the previous one! We hit them in First Post Corner, and we have a nice hole in the boat to prove it.

Joking aside, last night a severe lack of alcohol in the cloisters and at dinner (beers after outings with the grad boat building an unusual non-zero tolerance perhaps) meant that I was unable to channel my inner-Jackson upon reading in my card from M1 that "one of these days a FaT crew may actually impress you". This seems as good an alternative platform as any. If any crew has impressed me whilst at FaT it has been this term's W1. Through a fractured term on the water, every single girl has put the effort in on land to make the boat faster, to push each other on to reach new limits, whether it be leading weights sessions for the newer girls, training with CUW in the background, or just knocking second after second after second off their splits. Two weeks ago when we finally come together as a set crew, we knew we had big improvements to make. Whilst there were some rocky outings along the way, whenever we really, truly needed to step it on, to find that extra gear, to push that little bit harder for that little bit longer, it happened. When we had Newnham close behind/beside us on days 1 and 3, we could have given up. Nearly half the crew's first introduction to bumps was spooning off head last term. Nobody could have blamed them for wavering, for thinking this is it, it's happening again, now we give up. But they didn't. We had the strength, the mental toughness to keep going, the grit to take push after push, full crew, and just let Newnham blow hard behind us. And then there's was something special. Coming into first post, we were moving the fastest we've been all term; I don't need a speed coach to tell me that. I thought out final push was a formality: the words necessary to tell the crew that this was it, that we would just hold our boatspeed and use the corner to hit them. I was wrong. No other crew I've sat in has come close to having the cohesion of that lift. Technically we're not particularly noteworthy, we certainly don't have the pedigree of the men's side, so you could be forgiven for thinking that we finally sharpened a bit, or sat up that little bit more. Maybe those things did happen, but that's not what was impressive. What was impressive was that 8 girls believed in all respects, without exception, that they would be backed up in what they did by the 7 others. And they were.
So proud of you girls (and guy). You committed to each other and making the boat work, and your dedication shone through today. Congrats on your success!! (Yining)
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1st men's VIII

Rowed over
Had a decent start, and held station with Pembroke until they caught scent of Jesus. Pembroke bumped out just before Ditton. After exchanging pleasantries with them, we took it down to about 34. At this point lolCatz were just rounding the corner, and bravely held out against the mighty mighty Queens' for most of Plough Reach, I think.

Successive strides down the Reach meant Clare 'pushed us hard' for the over-bump late in the race. We wound it up to 24, and finished in isolation.

Bit of a non-event, but we executed our plan reasonably well. Pembroke can't run forever.
Bumped Jesus
"My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" Theo Snudden, Jesus Captain 2014-2015 (mt)
Yeaaah boys!! A massive well done from across the Atlantic! (Yining)
Clean start with much aggression and looseness left us gaining steadily on Jesus until the Reach, where we unleashed the beast and closed hard. We cleared, had a breather, then watched Queens' row past, many lengths behind.

Pembroke bumped Downing a little further on, to ensure another day of safety. The chase continues. #noescape
Bumped by Jesus
Sometimes you put together the perfect race and it doesn't come off. Today was one of those days. Overlap on Downing, then confusion, then Jesus rowing past us while we were stationary.

We're hurting. But that Jesus rower who celebrated is going to be hurting a whole lot more tomorrow.

Pembroke, respect.
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2nd men's VIII

Bumped by Wolfson
Wolfson were quite fast.

They moved pretty hard off the start, and once they got two whistles we called our bumps push. This was mildly successful, and held them for 20 strokes or so. Coming into first post, hard steering around Darwin ahead cut our canvas lead until we got bumped on the entrance to first post.

Keen for tomorrow.
We went into today knowing that Wolfson were faster than us, and by a reasonable margin. However, we'd put on a lot of race speed in the last week or two and were hitting some decent rates on the start, so we thought we should be able to give Wolfson a decent fight.

This turned out to be a gross overestimate of our ability. A tense row up to the start with reasonable pieces on the way preceded a decent start which saw us marginally gain on Darwin. Our rhythm wasn't the best, letting Darwin move away as Wolfson began eating up the gap monstrously quickly. We strode down to 42 initially, and then again to 38 before rapidly taking it back up to 41 during a bumps push I don't at all remember. We lost the remaining canvas of clear water as we manoeuvred around a slowly clearing Darwin/Christ's bump out immediately ahead of us. They hit us shortly before First Post corner. FaT M2 Mays are still going down...
Rowed over
We'd sparred with Queens' the Monday before bumps and come off better so we felt fairly safe from behind going into today. There was very little chance of us attempting to bump back Wolfson, so we were prepared for the long haul.

Our paddle up wasn't a disaster but I didn't enjoy it much either; the high was the half slide rate build which we've been improving faster than our racing. The race went off and we did our start with water flying around all over the place and essentially no composure, but it was sufficient to keep us outside station from Queens' and to hold Wolfson initially. They bumped out shortly after the Motorway Bridge (boding well for tomorrow) and we attempted to settle down. Through the gut and Grassy we began rowing the race we wanted, and gently pushed Queens' away. I smacked the water with my blade and tried very hard to catch a crab, but luckily got the blade square again just in time - this race constituted some of the worst rowing I've done in years... Sorry.

Pushing round Ditton and onto the Reach it was easy to feel like Queens' didn't have it in them to bump us and our rowing got gradually calmer. When they were finally hit from behind by Corpus we attempted to obey our race plan and keep it high but the rate gently slipped as we all felt the pressure on us come off. I lost track of my blade again. By the time Sidney chasing the optimistic overbump had been caught by Pembroke behind them it was down at 32, and we all waited for what felt like far too long before the call came from the bank and then from Liv to take it down 6 and paddle to the finish. The rowing naturally became sloppy with a lack of motivation from behind; annoying when you want to look good in front of all the crews watching, and leading to a bark from Barney. We eventually crossed the finish line in the glorious isolation we'd been aiming at from the start.
Not our best row, but it got the job done.

Queens' never got particularly close, and bumped out on Ditton, leaving us with a quiet row across the line.

Christ's II up tomorrow. Let's go.
Bumped Christ's II
We'd passed a pulled-in Christ's crew (courtesy of Wolfson) shortly after the Motorway Bridge on the previous day, so we were pretty sure that we were faster than them. I say this; we'd been pretty sure that we were faster than them for the previous 6 months, so despite the annoyance of Day 1 we went into this race determined to show why we'd been training this term.

The crew chat revealed a unanimous agreement that our rowing on Day 2 had been shocking (shame it was all captured on GoPro) and today we decided to concentrate. This led to a decent warm-up; our first burst was relaxed, Neil was impressed by our half-slide rate build, our second burst felt easy and in the practice start we finally got close to the looseness and precision we'd achieved in training. We were feeling pretty good.

The 4-minute gun went, everyone got back in the right seats and we got our heads in the boat, I visualised the first stroke over and over again (as Neil said, trying to think any further ahead just didn't work). On the start gun we leapt forward; it wasn't perfect but it was an enormous improvement on previous days. Wild encouragement from Alex on the bank let us know we'd taken distance off Christ's.

A few dodgy strokes under the Motorway Bridge and past the outflow were quickly forgotten as maybe 40 strokes in we got our first whistle. This encouragement spurred us on and one stroke into Liv's power ten we got the second whistle. Christ's crumbled at this point; seconds later we had 3, and the following stroke we had overlap. There was no need to bumps push; we got the legs on together in the wash and ended the race there. Hopefully this would make us the first M2 in about 5 years not to go down...
I have been getting distinctly tired of writing race reports of row-overs and races during which my crew was bumped (see M3 Lents' race reports for more details :P ) so I thought I'd oblige for M2 Mays' historic first bump since 2010, which also happened to be my first.

After yesterday's fairly average row-over, we were determined to have a much more positive warm-up and race. We once again showed off our nice square blades frontstops build to the other crews on the river, and had a burst to 32 that felt more like 24 before marshalling. Our half-slide rate build to rate 52 and burst on the reach felt much more controlled then earlier this week. Unfortunately, we still didn't manage to get a great start at the plough, although this was compensated a little by having quite a nice and relaxed paddle down to marshalling.
On the start, we were much less jittery than yesterday, having remembered which seat we were supposed to row in and not having faffed around quite as much after the 4 minute gun.

After my epic races last term, part of me was hoping for a heroic bump just before the finish or something like that. Unfortunately for some of the spectators, Christs' M2 and myself, the bumps charts are seldom reflective of relative ability - which is why the races are fun, I suppose. We were hammered before first post corner by Wolfson on Wednesday (probably the fastest boat currently in the division, and who completely deserve their blades) and hammered Christs' M2 before first post corner today.

As for the start, ours was decent for once (accompanied with encouraging 'MOVING' calls right after the gun), with our rowing deteriorating for a couple of strokes in the wash under the motorway bridge. After that, we found our rhythm (rate 36 that feels like 32) for the first time since the beginning of bumps. We got our first whistle shortly after the bridge, 2 whistles about 40s later, then 3 whistles followed by continuous whistles immediately after. During the short time that we were racing, it was extremely pleasant to see Corpus Christi falling outside station behind us. Holding it up was a little confusing, with most people rowing on for a few strokes after the call as it was unclear exactly what was happening. After having parked on the outside of the corner, we cheered on the rest of the division and collected greenery.

The row back was amazing; it feels really nice to be cheered on by the crowds, and seems fitting payback for a term's hard work. The strokes were nice, smooth and sat (until we easied around the railway bridge, that is...), and I just found myself grinning like a maniac from the bow seat.

Bring on tomorrow and the second historic bump to make us the first M2 (Lents or Mays) to go up since 2008.

PS: I'll continue to work on sharp catches, as the lack of backsplash really spoils the pictures.
(Neil I.)
Boom. Sharp start, sat on a strong 36 and moved from the start. We walked our way through them, and the last few whistles came very fast before we hit them at the entrance to First Post. (Barney)
Bumped Downing II
I was a bit more worried going into this race: Downing were clearly not terribly good, but they'd been hit on Day 3 at about the same point as we were on Day 1, so I didn't think the speed differential would be that great.

We introduced some square blades into our warm up to try to stop us feathering out of the water and otherwise finish more cleanly, and fix the irritating dip to strokeside. It worked; after our best legs-only rowing I think we've ever done, we did a burst at 32 which was golden. All I could think was that if we'd managed to hit this for HoRR our result would have been phenomenal. The rest of our warm-up put us in the right frame of mind; some poor strokes paddling but everything at rate actually worked. Every time I felt nervous about the race I remembered how Downing must be feeling going into their final opportunity to avoid spoons, and this made me feel better.

It was a glorious soggy day, with mist and constant drizzle. David Jones kindly lent us his umbrella to keep us relatively dry, and we entertained ourselves watching various people have a go on Dad's hand powered trike. Neil nearly incapacitated a couple of innocent spectators (as I so thought, until it was pointed out to me that they were Pembroke supporters).

We did our start, we settled onto rhythm, and we happily rowed along First Post reach for a while, hearing a couple of 'Moving!'s from the bank. I really didn't feel like rowing the long race but had already resigned myself to a much later bump than Christ's, if we hit them at all. My pessimism was ill-placed, however, as we got the first whistle most of the way along First Post Reach. The second whistle didn't take long after that, and the cheering of the crowds around First Post corner spurred us on to take the remaining distance. Downing had gone off at a sprint and when they died, they died very quickly. We hit them in the first part of the gut (bow pair saying they rowed along with the stern canvas of the Downing boat within touching distance off to the side).

So we gave Downing spoons and became the first FaT M2 to go up since 2008. Yeah boys! Kittens. We picked up an impressive amount of tree and had a proud paddle back, trying to keep the boat level without being able to see through the leaves in front of our faces (or being able to tap down due to the branches of the person behind...).
We were all pretty fired up for this race, sitting down near the lock after some of the best rowing we've done this term on the warmup. We knew we had a good race pace, and were eager to give Downing their spoons.

A solid start was followed by a good transition to race pace, and we coped better than the previous few days with the wash under the bridge. Coming under the motorway bridge, I heard a call from the bank that we were just inside station, and began to prepare for a long race. Within 10 strokes, however, we had our first whistle, then the next few whistles came quickly.

The final few strokes before the bump was one of the best experiences in my bumps career so far - coming round First Post, we hit a wall of noise from the bank, at the same time as getting three whistles. Liv was screaming over this mayhem, calling a power 10, and three strokes in we had overlap. The bump followed quickly.
This set of bumps has been so much more exciting and less painful than my last - I can now see why people actually enjoy these races. What was meant to happen did happen, and I believe that we are all happy about how the week's events unfolded, despite being bumped on the first day. Apart from the row-over, we rowed near the best of our abilities, and continued on improving over the week. It takes some serious flair to bump before or just after first post corner in the second division. On that note - congrats to Wolfson who bladed by bumping before the corner on all four days, you guys have an insanely fast start and sprint. On the same note - thanks guys for the awesome rowing on Friday and Saturday, and I'm so happy to have been part the crew that gave John and Crouchy their exciting last two bumps races.

As for what happened yesterday, a great square blades warm up allowed us to get the sit of the boat right and we found our awesome rhythm in the bursts. The 1k before marshalling was probably the best paddling we've done this term, and it really helped us get into our race mindset. The bursts down the reach were good and we actually managed a really good start for once in front of the crowds at the Plough. We were soaked by the persistent drizzle at this point, but we did not allow this to distract us and focused on our race plan before the 4 minute cannon.

As for the race, we had a good start, gaining on Downing due to the corner advantage, and then moved outside station during the stride as they were carrying out, to the best of their abilities, a 'sprint or die' race plan in a last ditch attempt to avoid their spoons. Unfortunately for them, the best of their abilities only carried them halfway down first post reach, and then they died, at which point we got our first whistle. As for us, we strode it down to 38 and then to 36, at which point we found the oarsome rhythm with vast amounts of ratio that we had been trying to get all week - our excellent warm up that allowed us to calm down had paid dividends. This the best rowing I've done so far, it was a bit of a pity that it couldn't last longer, really :P

After our first whistle, it was essentially a foregone conclusion, as we just ate up the remaining distance. We got 3 whistles coming into the corner and continuous whistles as we came out of the corner for only the second time this week. In the gut, I could see their canvas progressively getting closer to Crouchy's blade, but realising what was at stake, I made sure that I heard the 'hold it up' call twice before I stopped rowing. We were slightly inefficient at clearing from the middle of the gut, pulled in and collected ridiculous amounts of greenery in a haze of happiness. I created a jungle replica around me in the bow seat and Crouchy gave himself wings to celebrate his victory - we'll be fined, but as the first M2 to go up since 2008, I think it was justified.

The row back was not quite as good as the race, but no-one really cared and I for one could not see much due to the branches around me.

Celebrations, photos, singing and much more ensued...

Despite the result being only 'Up 1' on paper, I believe that this is the beginning of FaT M2's climb back up to the top the second division, although we might never reach the highs of 2007-2010, as the grad colleges appear to have learnt how to row (as we found out to our expense on the first day). We have all learnt a lot from this term's rowing, and provided we can carry all of that into next year's campaign, I can see a time when Maggie M2 will be bumpable and the M2 headship in sight. We shall see... ...when the cannon comes!

Update: We were not fined for excessive greenery - CUCBC do not seem to have their eyes or their priorities in the right place. Oh well...
(Neil I.)
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2nd women's VIII

Bumped Girton II
Bumped just before first post corner. Clinical.   (Lydia Bass)
Bumped St. Catharine's II
Took a bit longer today as Catz went off hard to try and run away, but they died and we caught them on grassy. Tom's steering is just excellent. (Lydia Bass)
Bumped Emmanuel III
Congratulations on your blades girls!
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3rd men's VIII

Bumped by Magdalene II
So, this term has been a difficult term for M3. I'll only write something for this day as each race was very similar- we were bumped clinically before first post each day, though there were certainly improvements in the rowing over the course of the week. The first day was full of nerves, and the crew's inexperience showed, but as the week went on the rowing became confident, strong, and we put up our best fight every day.

Having only finally gotten a full crew together 2 weeks ago it was always going to be a struggle to be competitive in bumps. In a term that started so well with half of the crew trialling and competing in seat races for the upper boats, it quickly fell apart with only a couple of 4's and 1 8 outing in the first half of term. I'd like to thank Chris Black for intervening at this point and ensuring that we got the 10 outings we needed to compete in bumps, taking on us along with the myriad of other tasks he's had this term was admirable.

A huge thank you must also go to the long list of subs that have come to help us this term- I'm afraid there have been so many that I can't remember all of them, but particular thanks must go to those we called from the boathouse with only a few minutes notice; you saved us.

A big thanks to Chris Howarth, David and Prab, who all joined the crew despite not having planned to row/cox this term- again, without you the crew couldn't have made it.

Thanks to Iain, Alex, Duncan, Will, Sean, Neil for bank partying us, and thank you to everyone else on the bank who was there to cheer us on- sorry we never made it to Grassy.

And of course, the biggest thank you of all must go to Daphne for coaching us this term. Having someone with such a wealth of knowledge of the sport was so invaluable, she took us so far in such a small number of outings, and saved our bumps campaign from being a complete disaster. She gave up so much of her time for us, and we truly appreciate her generosity.

Next year, I, along with the other MLBCs, will endeavour to bring together a crew that will restore the damage that has been done to M3's position this year. Under new management, we will reach new heights.

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4th men's VIII

Bumped Trinity Hall III
A good day for the Graduate VIII.
Given that 6 of our guys have never rowed bumps before, and that our cox is heavier than the 2 guys in the boat who have rowed bumps before, and that 2 of us have never rowed before this term, and that we drink beer after every outing, and that the boat in front of us did not crash and caught no crabs, I'm rather stoked that we bumped in 38 seconds.
The question is whether we can carry on cruising given that we are going out every night this week, and that our 3 man is currently completely battered and fell backwards out of a window earlier. Let's hope the answer is yes.

Our bow camera caught some sterling footage. Enjoy:
The first problem with bumping before First Post corner when starting from station 3 is that you don't get the practice the bumpy water in the gut and plough reach, or the corners. The second, more important problem, is that Iain struggles to get up to your bows by the time you need that first whistle.  The third is that the closing time from a canvas to overlap is less than the time interval required to blow 3 whistles.

Update: Trinity Hall III seem to have scratched due to severe embarrassment.
Bumped Queens' IV
Woooo we gained the M4 headship!!!

This bump took a little longer - maybe a minute and a half - and annoyingly we accidentally set the GoPro on burst mode so we don't have a video.

We pulled up beside some spectators from Murray Edwards BC (or New Hall if you're as old as me and Murray Edwards still sounds wrong), and asked them for a swap. They said yes, but only if we get blades. Challenge accepted...
Coming around First Post Corner I was concerned that we had blown having rowed a significantly longer piece than yesterday. Then we RAMMED them. (mt)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Having beaten Selwyn M2 by 20" at Champs Head, we were ready for the double over bump on Selwyn M3. Unfortunately, we had underestimated just how slow Selwyn M3 were and they were bumped by the previously over bumped Sindey Sussex M2 (technically disallowed). We were left chasing the over bump on Magdalene M3 - the one crew we were particularly concerned about being able to bump. We closed the 6.5 lengths to 2 lengths however, but then ran out of river. Definitely rammable with a little more tactics, if required on Saturday. (mt)
Rowed over Head
Moved away, kept moving away. (mt)
Bumped Christ's III as sandwich boat
A bit of a stress to get straight from crossing Top Finish back to the Lock and pulled in, even with our CUCBC approved queue skip. Unfortunately this led to what can only be described as a disaster of a race, mostly gaining on and hitting Christ's M3 because they blew up somewhere near first post corner. It didn't help that the call for Ramming Speed bumps push caused us to slow down, only prolonging the horror. Never again. (mt)
Rowed over
Challenged with a repeat of day 2.2 we had reviewed our previous attempt at over bumping Magdalene M3 and agreed that over a longer course we could have made it, so all we had to do was go a bit harder. So that's what we did! We managed to take an extra length and a half or so out of Magdalene before Ditton compared to our previous attempt, and it looked like it was on. Unfortunately, we then lost a lot of speed around the corner and as we came out it seemed that we had lost almost all of the extra ground we had made up. The fact is that experience does play a part in bumps, and with such an inexperienced crew, with so few outings behind them, something was bound to go. We slowly edged back into them up The Reach, and moved up a lot in our final sprint, but crossed the line just inside station.

Any other crew boys...any other crew.
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Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, May Bumps 2015

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Women's bumps chart, May Bumps 2015

Michell Cup points

Hughes Hall33.00
1st and 3rd10.00
Clare Hall8.00
St. Edmund's4.00
Sidney Sussex-9.60
Trinity Hall-14.40
Murray Edwards-20.00
St. Catharine's-36.00

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

Anglia Ruskin-6.00

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