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May Bumps 2015

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: H. Ramambason
Coached by: Tom Rose

Rowed over
Had a decent start, and held station with Pembroke until they caught scent of Jesus. Pembroke bumped out just before Ditton. After exchanging pleasantries with them, we took it down to about 34. At this point lolCatz were just rounding the corner, and bravely held out against the mighty mighty Queens' for most of Plough Reach, I think.

Successive strides down the Reach meant Clare 'pushed us hard' for the over-bump late in the race. We wound it up to 24, and finished in isolation.

Bit of a non-event, but we executed our plan reasonably well. Pembroke can't run forever.
Bumped Jesus
Yeaaah boys!! A massive well done from across the Atlantic! (Yining)
Clean start with much aggression and looseness left us gaining steadily on Jesus until the Reach, where we unleashed the beast and closed hard. We cleared, had a breather, then watched Queens' row past, many lengths behind.

Pembroke bumped Downing a little further on, to ensure another day of safety. The chase continues. #noescape
"My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" Theo Snudden, Jesus Captain 2014-2015 (mt)
Bumped by Jesus
Sometimes you put together the perfect race and it doesn't come off. Today was one of those days. Overlap on Downing, then confusion, then Jesus rowing past us while we were stationary.

We're hurting. But that Jesus rower who celebrated is going to be hurting a whole lot more tomorrow.

Pembroke, respect.

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