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May Bumps 2015

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Rob Stroud

Bumped Trinity Hall III
A good day for the Graduate VIII.
Given that 6 of our guys have never rowed bumps before, and that our cox is heavier than the 2 guys in the boat who have rowed bumps before, and that 2 of us have never rowed before this term, and that we drink beer after every outing, and that the boat in front of us did not crash and caught no crabs, I'm rather stoked that we bumped in 38 seconds.
The question is whether we can carry on cruising given that we are going out every night this week, and that our 3 man is currently completely battered and fell backwards out of a window earlier. Let's hope the answer is yes.

Our bow camera caught some sterling footage. Enjoy:
The first problem with bumping before First Post corner when starting from station 3 is that you don't get the practice the bumpy water in the gut and plough reach, or the corners. The second, more important problem, is that Iain struggles to get up to your bows by the time you need that first whistle.  The third is that the closing time from a canvas to overlap is less than the time interval required to blow 3 whistles.

Update: Trinity Hall III seem to have scratched due to severe embarrassment.
Bumped Queens' IV
Woooo we gained the M4 headship!!!

This bump took a little longer - maybe a minute and a half - and annoyingly we accidentally set the GoPro on burst mode so we don't have a video.

We pulled up beside some spectators from Murray Edwards BC (or New Hall if you're as old as me and Murray Edwards still sounds wrong), and asked them for a swap. They said yes, but only if we get blades. Challenge accepted...
Coming around First Post Corner I was concerned that we had blown having rowed a significantly longer piece than yesterday. Then we RAMMED them. (mt)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Having beaten Selwyn M2 by 20" at Champs Head, we were ready for the double over bump on Selwyn M3. Unfortunately, we had underestimated just how slow Selwyn M3 were and they were bumped by the previously over bumped Sindey Sussex M2 (technically disallowed). We were left chasing the over bump on Magdalene M3 - the one crew we were particularly concerned about being able to bump. We closed the 6.5 lengths to 2 lengths however, but then ran out of river. Definitely rammable with a little more tactics, if required on Saturday. (mt)
Rowed over Head
Moved away, kept moving away. (mt)
Bumped Christ's III as sandwich boat
A bit of a stress to get straight from crossing Top Finish back to the Lock and pulled in, even with our CUCBC approved queue skip. Unfortunately this led to what can only be described as a disaster of a race, mostly gaining on and hitting Christ's M3 because they blew up somewhere near first post corner. It didn't help that the call for Ramming Speed bumps push caused us to slow down, only prolonging the horror. Never again. (mt)
Rowed over
Challenged with a repeat of day 2.2 we had reviewed our previous attempt at over bumping Magdalene M3 and agreed that over a longer course we could have made it, so all we had to do was go a bit harder. So that's what we did! We managed to take an extra length and a half or so out of Magdalene before Ditton compared to our previous attempt, and it looked like it was on. Unfortunately, we then lost a lot of speed around the corner and as we came out it seemed that we had lost almost all of the extra ground we had made up. The fact is that experience does play a part in bumps, and with such an inexperienced crew, with so few outings behind them, something was bound to go. We slowly edged back into them up The Reach, and moved up a lot in our final sprint, but crossed the line just inside station.

Any other crew boys...any other crew.

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