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Lent Bumps 2012

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Alex Manion

Rowed over
Rowed over. The boats ahead bumped out in front of us meaning a wide corner round grassy had to be taken. ARU 3 crews behind caught up some distance, but the girls kept the pressure on all the way to the finish, never letting them get closer than 3-4 lengths. (Rachel)
This was our first bumps race and the start was quite nervous, however we seemed to settle down into a reasonably strong race pace. Homerton W1 bumped Pembroke W2 ahead of us pretty quickly and likewise Christs W2 also bumped Eddies pretty quickly behind us. ARU 1 were strong this year and did make up some distance on us but they never got closer than a certain distance, as I think the entire boat was pretty desperate not to be over-bumped! From 3-seat ARU felt a lot closer to us than I would have liked and I was relieved the railway bridge came when it did! This felt like a well rowed race and it was really good to know that we were perfectly capable of rowing over. (Soph)
Bumped Pembroke II
Yay well done!! (Angela)
Delicious. (Mark)
This was an incredibly exciting and also confusing race with us having canvass overlap on Pembroke W2 whilst simultaneously being overlapped by Christs W2 just past the motorway bridge.
This was our first time in an imminent bumps situation and the amount of whistling, shouting and general noise was so confusing that when the call came to hold it up half our crew thought we had been bumped and the other half thought we had bumped. As Iain said to us when we pulled up to the bank; this race really highlighted the importance of never giving up and pushing as hard as possible. (Soph)
Rowed over
This race felt oddly like deja vu as once again we were chasing Homerton whom we assumed would bump Jesus 2 pretty quickly and behind us Pembroke 2 were being chased by Christs 2, and coming up behind them was ARU. I think that this feeling of repeating Tuesdays race strongly affected the mentality of the boat as people expected to row over and so there was not a strong enough push for a bump on Homerton. The start to this race certainly felt a lot calmer, as did the whole row, but we probably could have put more pressure down as a boat. (Soph)
Bumped Jesus II
Yeah!!! (Neil T)
Yay! Excellent result girls! (Julia)
The mentality going into this race was completely different from Thursday. Once again we were being chased by Christs 2 and were chasing a crew (Jesus 2) who had been bumped by Homerton the previous day. The race-plan was simply: give it your all until you bump Jesus. The start was a fairly strong one and the determination to get up the boat speed meant that we moved up on Jesus 2 quite quickly. We had expected Christs to also shorten the distance between them and us but they did not ever get as close to us as they had on Wednesday (apparently this was because they caught a crab at one point?). As a result when the call to hold it up came the whole boat knew we had bumped Jesus, and quickly too. An absolutely fantastic end to a great Lent Bumps for FaT W2! (Soph)

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