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Christmas Head, Mich Term 2010

Heavyweight banter IV (Student M4+)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
in Michael Longford
bow Paul Masset 2 Thomas O'Neill
3 Bryn Garrod str Peter Ford

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

Time: 7:40
This was the big race of term for FaT, unfortunately the captain forgot to tell anyone about the race so most of the first VIII went home, except Paul, who claims he didn't know term had finished. I don't believe him, I think he has realised it is less effort to not go home.
Fordy was fresh from CUBC training, unfortunately bridge has little bearing on rowing, so this wasn't of much help. He also needed a gentle warm up for his single scull in the next division, and he comfortably beat us on %GMT, despite my best efforts to crash him into every bank when banksteering his single.
Bryn has been enthusiastically trying to encourage the IV to train as much as possible throughout term, bombarding us with endless e-mails suggesting times he would be keen to row, despite this we managed to avoid any overtraining, and believe we were in the best possible shape for this race.
Personally I had trained little, other than my liver, this term, but the others claimed resistance training would be a useful start to next terms work, so I reluctantly agreed to race.
I was glad for the early gentleman's agreement for the corners, with the plan to go hard to Chesterton, then to slacken off down the boat as we reached corners to minimise any steering for Emma.

With the previous IVs rowing by the crew being at best decidedly shaky, we were expecting the race to be an absolute shambles. However we set off at the most unpleasant rate of 30, which soon wound to 31. The finishes were, according to our stroke man, entirely independent of each other, with each of us contributing in our own way to boat speed. The boat was however surprisingly stable, sometimes the riggers didn't hit the water. We were only narrowly beaten by the Women's crew, which we had decided to set off in front of us, not wanting to be overtaken. (Thomas)

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