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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2010

3rd men's VIII (May's 3rd)

Coxed by: Alex Caulfield

10th out of 11
Time: 15:20
The legendary FaT washing machine has returned.

We had two objectives for this race: to find a good rhythm and to overtake the slow women's crew in front of us. We managed only the former. We feel a little emasculated, but in the long run it's better than the other way around.

After a shaky start involving blind panic from the 7 man and a couple of blade mishaps, we managed to settle into a calm 28 on the down leg, pushed out powerfully to 29 through the corners.

Buoyed with confidence by the fact no-one had died yet, we rowed the up leg much faster. Although the bowman had lacerated his leg and during the interval I accidentally knelt in some nettles while discussing extraction, there were fewer moments of blind panic from the 7 man and fewer blade mishaps.

This is not an amazing result. But it spurs us on to train hard. (Preeyan)

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