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May Term 2010

3rd men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (May's 3rd)

10th out of 11
Time: 15:20
The legendary FaT washing machine has returned.

We had two objectives for this race: to find a good rhythm and to overtake the slow women's crew in front of us. We managed only the former. We feel a little emasculated, but in the long run it's better than the other way around.

After a shaky start involving blind panic from the 7 man and a couple of blade mishaps, we managed to settle into a calm 28 on the down leg, pushed out powerfully to 29 through the corners.

Buoyed with confidence by the fact no-one had died yet, we rowed the up leg much faster. Although the bowman had lacerated his leg and during the interval I accidentally knelt in some nettles while discussing extraction, there were fewer moments of blind panic from the 7 man and fewer blade mishaps.

This is not an amazing result. But it spurs us on to train hard. (Preeyan)
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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Men's 3rd Div. Mays)

6th/10 in M3 Mays
Time: 5:15
Fastest M3 in our division by a fair bit, but much slower than all the M3s in the division below. This is one of those things that crack me up. (Preeyan)
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May Bumps

Bumped by Christ's II
I really, really dislike bumps racing. (Preeyan)
We were feeling quite confident after a good row up. A decent start in which we held station on the crews around us was followed by a terrible stride, and the rowing continued to deteriorate as Christs II closed. They caught us on Grassy Corner.

In an attempt to add injury to insult, Jesus III, with a broken rudder, plowed into us at race pace, snapping their bowman's rigger and causing our stern pair to leap onto the bank in terror. Dazed by this drama, I congratulated Pembroke II on bumping us, when they had done nothing of the kind. Let's make sure they don't tomorrow, either. (J.G. Shotton)
Bumped by Pembroke II
We were never going to hold off the much faster Pembroke II who caught us just before Grassy. However, today was much calmer and more together than yesterday, and we should be confident going into tomorrow's race. (Jack)
At times like this I wonder: just what is the point? I might as well go to a John's swap and get battered. Or even go to Life. (Preeyan)
Preeyan, you mean like just what's happening now (00:38 Friday 11th June)? (Mark)
Bumped by Clare II
Clare M2 went off very hard in the first (and only) 90 seconds of the race, catching us at the end of the gut. We rowed well today, though, and I was optimistic about our chances of escape right up until Alex called easy there...

Never mind all that, we've got a third boat headship to defend! (Jack)
That bigger hair makes you row faster is widely known; less familiar is the mechanism by which this happens.

Individual strands of hair are in fact intricate assemblies of pipework, turbines and belt drives. Gusts of wind spin the turbines which drive blood pumps situated deep under the skin, forcing oxygen-rich blood away from the head into the legs and dramatically increasing aerobic power.

Enthusiastic petrolheads will notice that this is exactly how a turbocharger works - superfluous air pressure is utilised to enhance power and speed. Hence the name 'turbohair'.

However, cautious medics will spot the risks inherent in reducing blood flow to the head. There is a wafer-thin line between superiority and blackout, a risk not to be taken lightly.

Spooning is not to be taken lightly either. So no haircut for me tonight. (Preeyan)
Bumped by LMBC III
In some ways, this was the worst possible bumps campaign - spooning to lose the third boat headship to LMBC on the last day. On the other hand, we should be pleased with the way we raced today, holding off a strong gents eight until Ditton, and we coped with the pressure better each day. Indeed, we had a pattern of holding our ground on the crew in front the day after they bumped us.

This was an unsuccessful but eventful bumps (what with being T-boned by Jesus and blockaded by a mysterious floating island), and today's gritty row caps it nicely. (Jack)

1. Bumped on the corner
2. Approaching Ditton
3. Chased down Plough R...

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