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May Bumps 2010

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

Rowed over Head
Yay!! Well done :- ) such a relief to see that yellow face! (Charlotte)
Smoothly done - more of the same please. (JPD)
First day nerves out the way... (Thomas)
Rowed over Head
Rah ! (Matt)
Our start was a bit tidier, and we settled to a sustainable pace a little earlier. We were still the best part of three lengths clear by Ditton, and had a solid but unspectacular row up the reach. (Tom C)
A determination to put distance on Caius on the reach meant that there was never any doubt. (Thomas)
Rowed over Head
Complacency Is Devastating. (Tom C)
Our poorest start of the week, leading to a failure for the expected gap between ourselves and Caius to materialise. We didn't really settle, and failed to start moving away.
Coming around Ditton corner we didn't have the pick-up of the previous two days, with a bit of a view that Caius were going to be caught by Pembroke.

By the railway bridge it was clear that Caius were surging back on us, and a desperate wind for the finish barely kept them off overlap. (Thomas)
Rowed over Head
That'll learn 'em. (Tom C)
The day began badly with one of the Maggie guys trying, rather unsportingly, to cripple me. Fortunately the damage was superficial.

'No Regrets' was our motto for the day, with the idea of complacency firmly removed from our mind we decided to move earlier in the race to kill Caius off before they had a chance to launch their strong wind to the line, that caught us out on day 1 and day 3.

A good start and a good plough reach build, followed by a committed push out of Ditton gave us plenty of room, and the 'boring' row over well clear that our supporters and coaches were hoping for. (Thomas)
"glorious isolation" (Natasha)

1. Under the bridge
2. Rowing up to the start
3. Victory Lap

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